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The following is a List of the Catholic cathedrals in the United States. The Catholic Church in the United States, informally known as the American Catholic Church, comprises ecclesiastical territories called dioceses led by prelate bishops. Each bishop is assigned to a cathedral from which he is pastor to the people of his diocese. Some dioceses also have a co-cathedral or a pro-cathedral. This is a complete list of the 193 cathedrals of the Catholic Church in the United States.[1]

Provinces and dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Each color represents one of the 32 Latin-rite provinces.
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the co-cathedral of the Diocese of Baltimore; it is the oldest Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States.

Latin Church[edit]


Cathedral of the Holy Family, Anchorage

The Province of Anchorage comprises the state of Alaska.


Christ the King, Atlanta

The Province of Atlanta comprises the states of Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Mary Our Queen, Baltimore

The Province of Baltimore comprises all but five counties of the state of Maryland, and all of the states of Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.


Holy Cross, Boston

The Province of Boston comprises the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.


Holy Name, Chicago.

The Province of Chicago comprises the state of Illinois.


St. Peter in Chains, Cincinnati

The Province of Cincinnati comprises the state of Ohio.


Immaculate Conception, Denver

The Province of Denver comprises the states of Colorado and Wyoming.


The Province of Detroit comprises the state of Michigan.


St. Raphael's, Dubuque

The Province of Dubuque comprises the state of Iowa.


St. Mary's, Galveston

The Province of Galveston-Houston comprises the eastern counties of the state of Texas.


St. Joseph, Hartford

The Province of Hartford comprises the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.


Ss. Peter & Paul, Indianapolis

The Province of Indianapolis comprises the state of Indiana.

Kansas City[edit]

The Province of Kansas City comprises the state of Kansas.

Los Angeles[edit]

Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles

The Province of Los Angeles comprises the southern counties of the state of California.


Assumption, Louisville

The Province of Louisville comprises the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.


St. Mary's, Miami

The Province of Miami comprises the state of Florida.


St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukee

The Province of Milwaukee comprises the state of Wisconsin.


Immaculate Conception, Mobile

The Province of Mobile comprises the states of Alabama and Mississippi.

New Orleans[edit]

Saint Louis, New Orleans

The Province of New Orleans comprises the state of Louisiana.

New York[edit]

St. Patrick's, New York

The Province of New York comprises the state of New York.


Sacred Heart, Newark

The Province of Newark comprises the state of New Jersey.

Oklahoma City[edit]

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Oklahoma City

The Province of Oklahoma City comprises the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma.


St. Cecilia, Omaha

The Province of Omaha comprises the state of Nebraska.


SS. Peter & Paul, Philadelphia.

The Province of Philadelphia comprises the state of Pennsylvania.


The Province of Portland comprises the states of Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

St Mary's, Portland

Saint Louis[edit]

St. Louis Cathedral

The Province of Saint Louis comprises the state of Missouri.

Saint Paul and Minneapolis[edit]

Cathedral of Saint Paul

The Province of Saint Paul and Minneapolis comprises the states of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

San Antonio[edit]

San Agustin, Laredo

The Province of San Antonio comprises the western counties of the state of Texas.

San Francisco[edit]

Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento

The Province of San Francisco comprises the northern counties of the state of California and all of the states of Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.

Santa Fe[edit]

St. Francis of Assisi, Sante Fe

The Province of Santa Fe comprises the states of Arizona and New Mexico.


St. James, Seattle

The Province of Seattle comprises the state of Washington.


St Matthew, Washington

The Province of Washington comprises the District of Columbia, five neighboring counties in Maryland, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Dulce Nombre de Maria, Agaña

The Province of Agaña comprises the United States overseas dependencies of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Also included are the sovereign and independent nations of the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.


The Metropolitan see of the Province of Samoa-Apia is foreign to the United States but the province however includes as a suffragan, a single diocese that comprises a United States overseas dependency, American Samoa.

Puerto Rico[edit]

San Juan Bautista, San Juan

The Province of San Juan includes the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Former Cathedrals[edit]

Cathedral Diocese Years Ref
Assumption Cathedral Diocese of Evansville 1944-1965 [2]
Basilica of St. Francis Xavier Diocese of Vincennes 1834-1898 [3]
Basilica of St. James Diocese of Jamestown 1889-1891 [4]
Basilica of St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral Diocese of Bardstown 1819-1841 [5]
Basilica of St. Louis, King of France Archdiocese of St. Louis 1818-1914 [6]
Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral Archdiocese of New York 1815-1879 [7]
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Diocese of Natchitoches 1853-1910 [8]
Basilica Shrine of St. Mary Apostolic Vicariate of North Carolina 1912-1925 [9]
Belmont Abbey Territorial Abbacy of Belmont–Mary Help of Christians 1910-1977 [10]
Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales Diocese of Oakland 1962-1993
Cathedral of Saint John and Saint Finbar Diocese of Charleston 1854-1861
Cathedral of Saint Vibiana Archdiocese of Los Angeles 1876-1994 [11]
Cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Diocese of Helena 1884-1925 [12]
Chapel of the Immaculate Conception Diocese of Rapid City 1930-1962 [13]
Church of St. James Diocese of Rockford 1908-1962 [14]
Church of St. Laurence Diocese of Amarillo 1975-2011 [15]
Church of St. Peter Diocese of Jefferson City 1956-1988 [16]
Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Diocese of Alton 1859-1923 [17]
Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Diocese of Gaylord 1971-1975 [18]
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Diocese of Crookston 1912-1990 [19]
Church of the Immaculate Conception Diocese of Fairbanks 1962-1966 [20]
Church of the Immaculate Conception Diocese of Leavenworth 1868-1947 [21]
Holy Family Parish Diocese of Rockford 1962-1968 [22]
Holy Name of Mary Pro-Cathedral Diocese of Sault Sainte Marie 1857-1937 [23]
Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral Diocese of Evansville 1965-1999 [24]
Old Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston 1959-2008 [25]
Old Saint Mary's Cathedral Archdiocese of San Francisco 1854-1891 [26]
Old Saint Mary's Church Archdiocese of Philadelphia 1808-1838 [27]
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Diocese of Concordia 1887-1945 [28]
Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater Diocese of Nesqually 1850-1907 [29]
Pro-Cathedral of St. Thomas the Apostle Apostolic Vicariate of North Carolina 1868-1912 [30]
Sacred Heart Cathedral Diocese of Amarillo 1927-1975
Sacred Heart Cathedral Diocese of Dodge City 1951-2001 [31]
Sacred Heart Cathedral Diocese of Duluth 1896-1985 [32]
Saint Patrick Pro-Cathedral Archdiocese of Newark 1865-1956 [33]
Saint Patrick Proto-Cathedral Diocese of San Jose 1981-1990 [34]
St. Francis de Sales Chapel Diocese of Toledo 1910-1940 [35]
St. John the Apostle Church Archdiocese of Oregon City 1845-1862 [36]
St. John the Evangelist Church Archdiocese of Philadelphia 1838-1864 [37]
St. Joseph Old Cathedral Archdiocese of Oklahoma City 1905-1931 [38]
St. Margaret’s Cathedral Diocese of Davenport 1881-1891 [39]
St. Mary Basilica Diocese of Natchez 1837-1977 [40]
St. Mary's on the Flats Diocese of Cleveland 1847-1852
St. Mary’s Church Diocese of Lincoln 1887-1965 [41]
St. Mary’s of Seven Sorrows Pro-Cathedral Diocese of Nashville 1847-1914 [42]
St. Patrick Church Diocese of Grass Valley 1868-1886 [43]
St. Patrick’s Church Diocese of Lead 1902-1930 [44]
St. Patrick’s Church Archdiocese of New Orleans 1850-18??
St. Peter’s Church Diocese of Allegheny 1876-1889 [45]
St. Philomena's Cathedral Diocese of Omaha 1908-1916 [46]
St. Raphael Cathedral Diocese of Madison 1946-2005 [47]
St. Thomas Pro-Cathedral Diocese of Winona 1889-1950 [48]

Ukrainian Catholic[edit]


Immaculate Conception, Philadelphia

The Metropolia of Philadelphia comprises all parishes of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the United States.

Ruthenian Catholic[edit]


St. John the Baptist, Munhall

The Metropolia of Pittsburgh includes all parishes of the Ruthenian Catholic Church in the United States, as well as those parishes of other Byzantine Rite churches with no established hierarchy in the United States.

Other Eastern Catholic[edit]

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