List of the Dead Sea Scrolls

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List of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Temple Scroll.png
A view of part of the Temple Scroll that was found in Qumran Cave 11.
Material Papyrus, Parchment, and Bronze
Writing Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Nabataean
Created Est. 408 BCE to 318 CE
Discovered 1946/7 - 1956
Present location Various

A list of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of manuscripts discovered between 1946 and 1956 in the West Bank near the Dead Sea. The following is a list of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the caves near Qumran:[1][2]

The Dead Sea Scrolls[edit]

Fragment or Scroll Identifier Fragment or Scroll Name KJV Bible Association Language Alternative Identifier Description Reference

Qumran Cave 1[edit]

1QIsa Great Isaiah Scroll Large portion of the Book of Isaiah
1QIsa The Book of Isaiah A second copy of portions of the Book of Isaiah
1QS Serekh ha-Yahad or "Community Rule" cf. 4QSa-j = 4Q255-64, 5Q11
1QpHab Pesher on Habakkuk
1QM Milhamah or War Scroll cf. 4Q491, 4Q493; 11Q14?
1QHa Hodayot or Thanksgiving Hymns
1QapGen Genesis Apocryphon Aramaic
CTLevi Cairo Geniza or Testament of Levi Aramaic
1QGen Genesis 1:18-21; 3:11-14; 22:13-15; 23:17-19; 24:22-24 Hebrew 1Q1
1QExod Exodus 16:12-16; 19:24-20:2, 20:5-6; 20:25-21:1; 21:4-5 1Q2
1QpaleoLev Leviticus 11:10-11; 19:30-34; 20:20-24; 21:24-22:6; 23:4-8 and Numbers 1:48-50 Palaeo-Hebrew 1Q3
1QDeuta Deuteronomy 1Q4
1QDeutb Deuteronomy 1Q5
1QJudg Judges 1Q6
1QSam Samuel 1Q7
1QIsab Parts of the Book of Isaiah Parts of 1QIsab as 1Q8
1QEzek Ezekiel Parts of 1QIsab as 1Q9
1QPsa Psalms Hebrew 1Q10 [3]
1QPsb Psalms 1Q11
1QPsc Psalms 1Q12
1QPhyl 1Q13 58 fragments from a Phylactery
1QpMic Pesher on Micah 1Q14
1QpZeph Pesher on Zephaniah 1Q15
1QpPs Pesher on Psalms 1Q16
1QJuba Jubilees 1Q17
1QJubb Jubilees 1Q18
1QNoah 1Q19 Parts of the lost Book of Noah
1QapGen Fragments of the "Genesis Apocryphon" Aramaic 1Q20
1QTLevi Testament of Levi Aramaic
1QDM "Dibrê Moshe" or "Words of Moses" 1Q22
1QEnGiantsa Book of Giants Enoch Aramaic 1Q23
1QEnGiantsb Book of Giants Enoch Aramaic 1Q24
1Q25 "Apocryphal Prophecy"
1Q26 "Instruction"
1QMyst "Mysteries" 1Q27
1Q28 Fragment from "Community Rule"
1QSa "Rule of the Congregation" 1Q28a
1QSb "Rule of the Blessing" or "Rule of the Benedictions" 1Q28b
1Q29 "Liturgy of the Three Tongues of Fire"
1Q30 "Liturgical Text 1"
1Q31 "Liturgical Text 2"
1QNJ "New Jerusalem" Aramaic 1Q32 cf. 11Q18
1Q33 Fragment of the 1QM or "War Scroll"
1QLitPr "Liturgical Prayers" or "Festival Prayers" 1Q34
1QHb Hodayot" or "Thanksgiving Hymns" 1Q35
1Q36-40 "Hymnic Composition"
1Q41-70 Unclassified Fragments
1QDana Daniel 1Q71
1QDanb Daniel 1Q72

Qumran Cave 2[edit]

2QGen The Book of Genesis 2Q1
2QExoda The Book of Exodus 2Q2
2QExodb The Book of Exodus 2Q3
2QExodc The Book of Exodus 2Q4
2QpaleoLev Leviticus 11:22-29 palaeo-Hebrew 2Q5
2QNuma The Book of Numbers 2Q6
2QNumb The Book of Numbers 2Q7
2QNumc The Book of Numbers 2Q8
2QNumd The Book of Numbers 2Q9
2QDeuta The Book of Deuteronomy 2Q10
2QDeutb The Book of Deuteronomy 2Q11
2QDeutc The Book of Deuteronomy 10:8-12 2Q12
2QJer The Book of Jeremiah 2Q13
2QPs The Book of Psalms 2Q14
2QJob The Book of Job 33:28-30 2Q15
2QRutha The Book of Ruth 2Q16
2QRuthb The Book of Ruth 2Q17
2QSir "Wisdom of Sirach" or "Ecclesiasticus" 2Q18
2QJuba The Book of Jubilees 2Q19
2QJubb The Book of Jubilees 2Q20
2QapMoses "Apocryphon of Moses" 2Q21
2QapDavid "Apocryphon of David" 2Q22
2QapProph "Apocryphal Prophecy" 2Q23
2QNJ "New Jerusalem" Aramaic 2Q24 cf. 1Q32 ar, 11Q18 ar
2Q25 "Juridical Text"
2QEnGiants "Book of Giants" from "Enoch" Aramaic 2Q26 cf. 6Q8
2Q27-33 Unidentified Texts

Qumran Cave 3[edit]

3QEzek Ezekiel 16:31-33 3Q1
3QPs Psalms 2:6-7 3Q2
3QLam Lamentations 3Q3
3QpIsa Pesher on Isaiah 3Q4
3QJub Jubilees 3Q5
3QHymn Unidentified hymn 3Q6
3QTJudah Testament of Judah 3Q7 cf. 4Q484, 4Q538
3Q8 Fragment of an unidentified text
3Q9 Possible unidentified sectarian text
3Q10-11 Unclassified fragments
3Q12-13 Unclassified fragments Aramaic
3Q14 Unclassified fragments
3QCopper Scroll The Copper Scroll 3Q15


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