List of the tallest statues in the United States

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This list of the tallest statues in the United States ranks free-standing statues located in the United States based on their height from base to top.

Statue Location Height
Notes Completed Material Coordinates Photo Sculptor
Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) Liberty Island, New York 46 m 151 ft Stands upon a 47 m (154 ft) pedestal. 93 m (305 ft) total monument height.[1] 1886 cast copper on metal armature 40°41′21″N 74°02′40″W / 40.6892°N 74.0445°W / 40.6892; -74.0445 (Statue of Liberty (New York))
Majestic Liberty.jpg
Frédéric Bartholdi
Our Lady of the Rockies Butte, Montana 27 m 88.6 ft 1985 concrete base; stainless steel statue 46°0′1.7″N 112°26′46.58″W / 46.000472°N 112.4462722°W / 46.000472; -112.4462722 (Our Lady of the Rockies (Butte, Montana))
Our Lady of the Rockies.jpg
Laurien Eugene Riehl (designer)
National Monument to the Forefathers Plymouth, Massachusetts 25 m 81 ft [2] see article 1907 solid granite
Monument to the Forefathers 1.jpg
Golden Driller Tulsa, Oklahoma 23 m 75 ft [3] see article 1953 cast concrete and plaster, 36°08′01″N 95°55′52″W / 36.133638°N 95.931158°W / 36.133638; -95.931158 (Golden Driller (Tulsa, Oklahoma))
Dallas Zoo's giraffe statue Dallas, Texas 20.5 m 67.6 ft[4] [5] 1997 bronze and plexiglass 32°44′38″N 96°48′52″W / 32.74389°N 96.81444°W / 32.74389; -96.81444 (Dallas Zoo's giraffe statue (Dallas, Texas)) Bob Cassilly
"Tribute to Courage" (Sam Houston statue) Huntsville, Texas 20.5 m 67 ft with a 3 m (10 ft) pedestal [6] 1994 cast concrete 30°39′40″N 95°30′39″W / 30.66111°N 95.51083°W / 30.66111; -95.51083 (Tribute to Courage (Huntsville, Texas)) David Adickes
Christ of the Ozarks Eureka Springs, Arkansas 20 m 65.5 ft [7] see article 1966 cast concrete 36°24′24.87″N 93°43′23.41″W / 36.4069083°N 93.7231694°W / 36.4069083; -93.7231694 (Christ of the Ozarks (Eureka Springs, Arkansas))
Vulcan statue Birmingham, Alabama 17.1 m 56 ft Stands upon a 38.4 m (126 ft) pedestal. 55.5 m (182 ft) total monument height.[8] see article 1904 cast iron 33°29′30.18″N 86°47′43.86″W / 33.4917167°N 86.7955167°W / 33.4917167; -86.7955167 (Vulcan statue (Birmingham, Alabama))
Vulcan statue Birmingham AL 2008 snow retouched.jpg
Giuseppe Moretti
Jolly Green Giant statue Blue Earth, Minnesota 16.8 m 55 ft see article 1979 fiberglass 43°39′02″N 94°5′46″W / 43.65056°N 94.09611°W / 43.65056; -94.09611 (Jolly Green Giant statue (Blue Earth, Minnesota))
Lux Mundi Monroe, Ohio 15.8m 52 ft see article 2012 Polymer composite, steel 39°27′13.78″N 84°19′35.37″W / 39.4538278°N 84.3264917°W / 39.4538278; -84.3264917 (Lux Mundi (Solid Rock Church, Monroe, Ohio))
Lux Mundi, the sculpture of Jesus at Solid Rock Church.jpg
Tom Tsuchiya
Black Hawk Statue Lowden State Park near Oregon, Illinois 14.6 m 48 ft see article 1911 concrete 42°2′03″N 89°19′59″W / 42.03417°N 89.33306°W / 42.03417; -89.33306 (Black Hawk Statue (Lowden State Park near Oregon, Illinois))
BlackHawkStatue 003.jpg
Lorado Taft
The Keeper of the Plains Wichita, Kansas 13.4 m 44 ft Stands upon a 30 ft rock promontory 1974 Cor-Ten steel 37°41′29″N 97°20′59″W / 37.69139°N 97.34972°W / 37.69139; -97.34972 (The Keeper of the Plains (Wichita, Kansas))
The Keeper of the Plains Wichita, Kansas.jpg
Blackbear Bosin
Athena Parthenos Nashville, Tennessee 12.8 m 42 ft Tallest indoor statue in United States 1990 composite of gypsum cement and fiberglass 36°08′59″N 86°48′49″W / 36.14972°N 86.81361°W / 36.14972; -86.81361 (Athena_Parthenos (Nashville, Tennessee))
Athena Parthenos LeQuire.jpg
Alan LeQuire
Vision of Peace (Indian God of Peace) St. Paul, Minnesota 11.58 m 38 ft 1936 Mexican onyx
Milles Godofpeace.jpg
Carl Milles
Victory or "Miss Indiana" Indianapolis, Indiana 11.58 m 38 ft Restored in 2011 [9] see article 1893 bronze 39°46′6″N 86°9′29″W / 39.76833°N 86.15806°W / 39.76833; -86.15806 (Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Indiana))
Soldiers Sailors Mon IN 1898.jpg
George Brewster (sculptor)
William Penn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11.3 m 37 ft 1894 bronze Statue penn.jpg Alexander Milne Calder
Iron Man Chisholm, Minnesota 11 m 36 ft Stands upon a 14 m (45 ft) pedestal. 25 m (81 ft) total monument height.[10] see article 1987 iron ore 47°17′20″N 92°32′15″W / 47.28876°N 92.53762°W / 47.28876; -92.53762 (Iron Man (Chisholm Minnesota)) Jack E. Anderson

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