List of three-letter broadcast callsigns in the United States

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This is a list of three-letter broadcast call signs in the United States.

Most primary United States radio and television broadcasters have four-letter call signs, like WHFS. However, a number of early broadcasters still have a license with a three-letter call sign. Such a short call sign is generally an indication of the long-time existence of the station. The suffix does not count, only the base call sign. Stations which formerly had three letters but have since changed are not currently listed.

AM radio stations[edit]

FM radio stations[edit]

Television stations[edit]

As listed below, four TV stations with three-letter base call signs no longer use the "-TV" suffix. These stations were previously co-owned with AM stations which originally used three-letter call signs but have since adopted other call signs. In this case, the TV station is permitted to, but not required to, drop the suffix.

In addition, two other TV stations with three-letter base call signs (both coincidentally in Des Moines, Iowa) now use the "-DT" suffix instead of the "-TV" suffix even though their former AM sister stations continue to use those same three-letter call signs.

Other stations of note[edit]

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