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This is a list of towns and cities in the world believed to have 100,000 or more inhabitants, as of 2006.


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List of cities beginning with letter H[edit]

(united Kingdom)

City Country
Ha Long  Vietnam
Haarlem  Netherlands
Habikino  Japan
Habra  India
Hachinohe  Japan
Hachiōji  Japan
Hadano  Japan
Haeju  North Korea
Hafizabad  Pakistan
Hagen  Germany
Haicheng  China
Haifa  Israel
Haikou  China
Hailun  China
Haining City  China
Haiphong  Vietnam
Hakodate  Japan
Haldia  India
Haldwani-cum-Kathgodam  India
Halifax  Canada
Halle  Germany
Hama  Syria
Hamadan  Iran
Hamamatsu  Japan
Hamburg  Germany
Hamhung  North Korea
Hami City  China
Hamilton  New Zealand
Hamilton  Canada
Hamm  Germany
Hanam  South Korea
Hancheng  China
Handa  Japan
Handan  China
Hangzhou  China
Hanoi  Vietnam
Hanover  Germany
Hanzhong  China
Haora  India
Hapur  India
Harare  Zimbabwe
Harbin  China
Hargeisa  Somalia
Haridwar  India
Hartford  United States
Hassan  India
Hathras  India
Havana  Cuba
Hayward  United States
Hebi  China
Hebron  Palestine
Hechi  China
Heerlen-Kerkrade  Netherlands
Hefei  China
Hegang  China
Heidelberg  Germany
Heihe  China
Heilbronn  Germany
Helsingborg  Sweden
Helsinki  Finland
Henderson  United States
Hengshui  China
Hengyang  China
Heraklion  Greece
Herat  Afghanistan
Hermosillo  Mexico
Herne  Germany
Heshan  China
Hetian  China
Heyuan  China
Heze  China
Hialeah  United States
Higashihiroshima  Japan
Higashikurume  Japan
Higashimurayama  Japan
Higashiosaka  Japan
Hikone  Japan
Hildesheim  Germany
Hilla  Iraq
Himamaylan City  Philippines
Himeji  Japan
Hindupur  India
Hino  Japan
Hirataka  Japan
Hiratsuka  Japan
Hirosaki  Japan
Hiroshima  Japan
Hisar  India
Hitachi  Japan
Hitachinaka  Japan
Ho Chi Minh City  Vietnam
Hobart  Australia
Hofu  Japan
Holguín  Cuba
Holon  Israel
Homs  Syria
Homyel  Belarus
Hong Kong  Hong Kong
Honghu  China
Honolulu  United States
Horlivka  Ukraine
Hortolândia  Brazil
Hoshiarpur  India
Hospet  India
Hospitalet de Llobregat  Spain
Houghly-Chinsura  India
Houma  China
Houston  United States
Hoya  Japan
Hrodna  Belarus
Hsinchu  Taiwan
Huadian  China
Huaian  China
Huaibei  China
Huaihua  China
Huainan  China
Huaiyin  China
Huambo  Angola
Huancayo  Peru
Huanghua  China
Huangshan  China
Huangshi  China
Huangyan  China
Huánuco  Peru
Huaraz  Peru
Huaying  China
Hubli-Dharwad  India
Hudaida  Yemen
Huddersfield  United Kingdom
Huế  Vietnam
Huelva  Spain
Huhehaote  China
Huixian  China
Huizhou  China
Huludao  China
Hulunbuir  China
Hunchung  China
Huntington Beach  United States
Huntsville  United States
Huozhou  China
Huzhou  China
Hyderabad  India
Hyderabad  Pakistan
Hyesan  North Korea

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