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Hoops have been a popular toy across a variety of cultures since antiquity

This page is a list of toys; the toys included are both widely popular (either currently or historically) and provide illustrative examples of specific types of toys.

Action figures[edit]

Animal toys[edit]

Cars and radio controlled[edit]

An assortment of radio-controlled cars

Construction toys[edit]

A set of toy blocks

Creative toys[edit]

Designs drawn with a spirograph


Mexican Lupita doll from the 20th century
Faceless Amish dolls, a form of American folk art

Educational toys[edit]

Electronic toys[edit]

Executive toys[edit]

An animation of a Newton's cradle

Food-related toys[edit]


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Model building[edit]

Physical activity and dexterity[edit]

A person sliding onto a Slip 'n Slide


Science and optical[edit]

An assortment of tops

Sound toys[edit]

Spinning toys[edit]

A person throwing a flying disc

Stuffed toys[edit]

Toy Rilakkuma bears in a Tokyo arcade

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