List of twin towns and sister cities in Argentina

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This is a list of twin towns and sister cities (see town twinning) in Argentina arranged by location.

Bahía Blanca[edit]

Country City
United States United States Jacksonville, Florida, since 1967
Israel Israel Ashdod
Cuba Cuba Cienfuegos
Greece Greece Chios
China China Dalian
Italy Italy Ferno
Peru Peru Piura
Spain Spain Reus
Chile Chile Talcahuano

Buenos Aires[edit]

Country City/Region
Armenia Armenia Yerevan
Brazil Brazil Brasília, since 2002.
Brazil Brazil Porto Alegre
Brazil Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Brazil São Paulo
Canada Canada Ottawa
Chile Chile Santiago
China China Beijing, since 1993.
Colombia Colombia Bogotá
Colombia Colombia Medellín
Croatia Croatia Zagreb
Czech Republic Czech Republic Prague
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Ecuador Ecuador Quito
France France Paris and Paris, Kentucky
France France Toulouse
Germany Germany Berlin, since 1994.
Israel Israel Jerusalem (cooperation agreement).
Israel Israel Tel Aviv, since 1976.
Italy Italy Basilicata (region)
Italy Italy Cagliari
Italy Italy Calabria (region)
Italy Italy Genoa
Italy Italy Lucca
Italy Italy Milan
Italy Italy Naples
Italy Italy Rome
Japan Japan Osaka
Lebanon Lebanon Beirut, since 2006
Mexico Mexico Mexico City
Tunisia Tunisia Tunis
Netherlands Netherlands Rotterdam
Paraguay Paraguay Asunción
Peru Peru Lima
Poland Poland Warsaw
Portugal Portugal Lisbon
Serbia Serbia Belgrade
South Africa South Africa Cape Town
South Korea South Korea Seoul
Spain Spain Barcelona
Spain Spain Bilbao, Basque Country
Spain Spain Cádiz
Spain Spain Ceuta
Spain Spain Guadix
Spain Spain Madrid
Spain Spain Oviedo, since 1983.
Spain Spain Santiago de Compostela, Galicia
Spain Spain Seville, Andalusia
Spain Spain Vigo
Switzerland Switzerland Geneva
Turkey Turkey Istanbul
United Kingdom United Kingdom London
United States United States Los Angeles, California, until 2011.
United States United States Miami, Florida, since 1993.
United States United States State of New Jersey
United States United States State of Ohio
Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo

Colón, ER[edit]

Country City
Switzerland Switzerland Sion


Country City
United States United States Tampa, Florida
Mexico Mexico Morelia, Michoacán
Israel Israel Tiberias, since 1967
Italy Italy Turin
Colombia Colombia Santiago de Cali
Russia Russia Izhevsk

General Roca, RN[edit]

Country City
United States United States Chula Vista, California

La Plata[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Brasília
United Kingdom United Kingdom Liverpool
Israel Israel Beersheba
United States United States Louisville, Kentucky, since 1994
Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo
France France Boulogne-Sur-Mer


Country City
Brazil Brazil Sâo Paulo
Brazil Brazil Sertãozinho
Israel Israel Ramat Gan
Mexico Mexico Monterrey
Peru Peru Tacna
United States United States Miami-Dade County, Florida
United States United States Nashville, Tennessee


Country City
Israel Israel Rehovot


Country City
United States United States Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Country City
Italy Italy San Mauro Castelverde
China Nanchang

Río Cuarto[edit]

Country City
United States United States Abilene, Texas

Río Tercero[edit]

Country City
Italy Italy Carmagnola

Rosario, Santa Fe[edit]

Country City
Italy Italy Alessandria
Paraguay Paraguay Asunción
Spain Spain Bilbao
Venezuela Venezuela Caracas
Senegal Senegal Dakar
Israel Israel Haifa
Italy Italy Imperia
Colombia Colombia Manizales
Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo
Mexico Mexico Monterrey, Nuevo León
Greece Greece Piraeus
Peru Peru Pisco
Brazil Brazil Porto Alegre
China China Shanghai

On July 25, 2006, Rosario offered a charter of sistership to Split, Croatia.

San Antonio de Areco[edit]

Country City
United States United States Laredo, Texas

San Carlos de Bariloche[edit]

Country City
Brazil Brazil Blumenau, Santa Catarina
United States United States Aspen, Colorado
Switzerland Switzerland St. Moritz

San Isidro[edit]

Country City
Israel Israel Herzliya
Japan Japan Nagasaki

San Martín[edit]

Country City
Italy Italy Civitanova Marche, Province of Macerata
Lithuania Lithuania Alytus city municipality, Alytus County

San Salvador de Jujuy[edit]

Country City
Bolivia Bolivia Tarija, Cercado Province (Tarija)
Bolivia Bolivia Sucre, Oropeza Province
Chile Chile Calama, El Loa Province


Country City
Portugal Portugal Covilhã


Country City
United States United States New Orleans, Louisiana
Israel Israel Nazareth Illit

Santa Fe[edit]

Country City
Israel Israel Afula
Spain Spain Santa Fe


Country City
Israel Israel Eilat
United States USA Barrow, Alaska

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