List of universities in Syria

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There are six public universities[1] and 15 private universities in Syria.[2]

University Name Acronym Province Date founded Website
Damascus University DU Damascus 1923
Aleppo University AU Aleppo 1958
Al-Baath University BU Homs 1979
Tishreen University TU Latakia 1971
Hama University HU Hama 2014 [1]
Syrian Virtual University SVU Damascus 2002
Syrian Private University SPU Damascus 2005
Arab International University AIU Damascus 2004
International University for Science and Technology IUST Damascus 2005
Al-Furat University FU Deir ez-Zor 2006
University of Kalamoon UOK Deir Atiyah 2003
Yarmouk Private University YPU Rif Dimashq 2008
Wadi International University WIU Homs 2006
Al-Wataniya Private University WPU Hama 2007
Hawash Private University HPU Homs 2009
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport AAST Latakia 2007
Al-Andalus University AU Tartus 2008
Al-Shahba University SU Aleppo 2009 [2]
Ebla Private University EPU Idlib 2009
Mamoun University for Science and Technology MUST Aleppo 2003
Ittihad Private University IPU Ar-Raqqah 2004
Aljazeera University JU Deir ez-Zor 2007
Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts HIDA Damascus 1977
Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology HIAST Damascus 1983


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