List of unsigned auxiliary Interstate Highways

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Some auxiliary Interstate Highways are not signed, typically because the routes are already known by another name, and marking them could confuse motorists. A small fraction of three-digit Interstates, especially very short ones (in terms of physical length), are not signed.

Interstate Vicinity Description
I‑305 Sacramento, CA Signed as US 50 and Business Loop I-80. It was part of I-80 until October 1983
I‑910 New Orleans, LA Signed as Business Route US 90
I‑315 Great Falls, MT Signed as Business Loop I-15
I-124 Chattanooga, TN Signed as US 27
I‑444 Tulsa, OK Signed as US 75
I‑345 Dallas, TX Signed US 75 (northbound) I-45 (southbound)
I-478 New York City, NY Signed as the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel
I-878 New York City, NY Signed as NY 878
I‑480N Cleveland, OH Signed as a connection between I-480 and I-271/US 422
I‑194 Bismarck, ND Signed as ND 810
I‑495 Falmouth, ME Signed as a connection between I-95 and I-295; it was redesignated from part of I-95 on January 5, 2004; also known as the Falmouth Spur of the Maine Turnpike, with mile markers starting with the prefix FS-
I‑595 Annapolis, MD Signed as US 50 from the Washington, D.C., area east to Annapolis, Maryland
I‑296 Grand Rapids, MI Signed as US 131

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