List of unsigned state highways in Mississippi

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Highway names
Interstates: Interstate X (I-X)
US Routes: U.S. Route X (US X)
State: Mississippi Highway X (MS X)
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The Mississippi Department of Transportation maintains a system of unsigned state highways in addition to the main state highway network.

These highways are legislatively numbered between 701 and 994, and run mostly along main streets and major roads through the state's towns and cities. The 700s run through the northern part of Mississippi, the 800s run through the central part, and the 900s run through the southern part. These roads are generally not arranged in any pattern because they are so short (many run less than a mile).

Note that some of the highways listed below may be signed (usually sporadically), but are considered to be part of the same system of reference routes.

Northern Mississippi (701-795)[edit]

Central Mississippi (801-897)[edit]

Southern Mississippi (902-994)[edit]

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