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Kartikeya, the Hindu god of war
Mars, the Roman god of war

A war deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with war, combat or bloodshed. They occur commonly in both monotheistic and polytheistic religions.

Unlike most gods and goddesses in polytheistic religions, monotheistic deities have traditionally been portrayed in their mythologies as commanding war in order to spread their religion. (The intimate connection between "holy war" and the "one true god" belief of monotheism has been noted by many scholars; including Jonathan Kirsch in his book God Against The Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism and Joseph Campbell in The Masks of God, Vol. 3: Occidental Mythology.) [1][2]

The following is a partial list of war deities.

African mythology[edit]

Armenian mythology[edit]

  • Anahit, goddess of fertility, birth, beauty and water; in early periods associated with war

Aztec mythology[edit]

  • Patterns of War
    • Mixcoatl, god of war and hunting.
    • Xipe-Totec, god of force, patron of war, agriculture, vegetation, diseases, seasons, rebirth, hunting, trades and spring, the lord of the East.
    • Tlaloc, god of thunder, rain, and earthquakes.
    • Xiuhtecuhtli, god of fire.
  • Huitzilopochtli, god of will, patron of war, fire and sun, the lord of the South.

Berber mythology[edit]

Celtic mythology[edit]

  • Agrona, reconstructed Proto-Celtic name for the river Aeron in Wales, and possibly the name of an associated war goddess
  • Andarta, Brittonic goddess theorised to be associated with victory, overcoming enemies,war
  • Alaisiagae, a pair of goddesses worshiped in Roman Britain, with parallel Celtic and Germanic titles
  • Andraste, Gaulish warrior goddess
  • Anann, Irish goddess of war, death, predicting death in battle, cattle, prosperity and fertility
  • Bandua, Gallaecian God of War
  • Badb, Irish goddess of war who took the form of a crow; member of the Morrígan
  • Belatucadros, war god worshipped by soldiers and equated with the Roman war god Mars
  • Camulus, god of war of the Belgic Remi and British Trinovantes
  • Catubodua, Gaulish goddess assumed to be associated with victory
  • Cicolluis, Gaulish and Irish god associated with war
  • Cocidius, Romano-British god associated with war, hunting and forests
  • Macha, Irish goddess associated with war, horses and sovereignty; member of the Morrígan
  • The Morrígan, Irish triple goddess associated with sovereignty, prophecy, war, and death on the battlefield
  • Neit, Irish god of war, husband of Nemain of Badb
  • Nemain, Irish goddess of the frenzied havoc of war; member of the Morrígan
  • Rudianos, Gaulish god of war
  • Segomo, Gaulish god of war
  • Teutates, British and Gaulish god of war and the tribe

Chinese mythology[edit]

Guan Yu, Chinese God of Loyalty, Righteousness and Valor
  • Ba Yikao, Polestar Emperor. God of Military Outcomes
  • Wang Shan, Primordial Lord-General
  • Chi You, God of War
  • Guan Yu, God of Loyalty, Righteousness and Valor
  • Yang Jian, Three Eyed Warrior
  • Li Jinzha, Marshal of the Center Alter
  • Li Muzha, Marshal of the Center Alter
  • Di Qing, Star of Military Fortune, God of Valor

Four Saints/Guardians of the Numinous Heaven Hall

  • Li Jing, Heavenly King & Holder of the Pagoda.
  • Wang Shan
  • Zhao Lang (Zhao Gongming)
  • Zhang (Full name unknown, likely to be Zhang Daoling)

Four Great Marshals (There are discrepancies between difference sources regarding who the Four Great Marshals are. The following includes all names mentioned)

  • Ma Shen
  • Wen Qiong
  • Zhao Lang
  • Kang Miaowei
  • Yin Jiao
  • Li Nezha
  • Wang Shan
  • Gao Yan
  • Zhou Guanze
  • Ma Zizhen
  • Ma Lingyao

Five Graced Lords

Eight Great Generals of Halting

  • Jia Ziyuan
  • Wang Ziguan
  • Liu Zida
  • Du Zaizhen
  • Fan Zizhang
  • Li Zaide
  • Chen Zichun
  • Zhang Shu

Four Sages of the North

  • Tienpeng Yuanshuai (Marshal of Canopy)
  • Tienyou Yuanshuai (Marshal of Strategy)
  • Yisheng Yuanshuai (Marshal of Sage Support)
  • Xuanwu Yuanshuai (Marshal of the Black Tortoise)

Thirty-six Celestial Generals

  • Jiang Guang
  • Zhong Ying
  • Jin You
  • Pang Yu
  • Liu Ji
  • Guan Yu
  • Me Sheng
  • Wen Qiong
  • Wang Shan
  • Kang Ying
  • Zhu Yan
  • Lu Kui
  • Fang Jue
  • Geng Tong
  • Deng Bawen
  • Xin Hanchen
  • Zhang Yuanba
  • Yao Yuanxin
  • Xun Leiji
  • Bi Zongyuan
  • Zhao Lang (Zhao Gongming)
  • Wu Mingyuan
  • Li Qingtian
  • Mei Tianshun
  • Xiong Guangxian
  • Shi Yuanxin
  • Kong Leijie
  • Chen Yuanyuan
  • Lin Dahua
  • Zhou Qingyuan
  • Ji Leigang
  • Cui Zhixu
  • Jiang Feijie
  • He Tianxiang
  • Gao Ke

Thirty-six Celestial Generals (Ver.2)

  • Commander Lei Ling & Zhu Le
  • Chen Xi
  • Sun Chang
  • Wang Herou
  • Xu Xun
  • Zhao Chong
  • Zhou Xiong
  • Zhao Gang
  • Wang Guoxian
  • You Kuiju
  • Yuan Yanchen
  • Feng XiangFu
  • Ma Shaoxin
  • Bu Shun
  • Ni TianSun
  • Xiang Zhong
  • Huang Gong
  • Chu Zhen
  • Wei Jinfu
  • Liu Shao
  • Zhao Ping
  • Xu Chunchen
  • Wang Jie
  • Xu Xi
  • Fang Shangwen
  • Fu Yu
  • Dou Yannian
  • GaoXian
  • Li Yi
  • Ma Yaochen
  • Diao HanChen
  • Zhu Xuan
  • Gao Wen
  • Xu Shen
  • Shan Xi
  • Fung Hing
  • Wang Gang

Generals of the Heaven-Mind

  • Zhang Tingzhong
  • Zhu Xizhen
  • Su Chengli
  • Zheng Tianying
  • Zhao Tenzheng
  • Wang Huoguang
  • Liu Cishen
  • Wu Zhongyuan
  • Ju Zizhen
  • Du Guangzhi
  • Yao Yaozhen
  • Xu Tianxin
  • Yuan Tongning

Generals of the Divine House of Celestial Tomes

  • Wang Wenxuan
  • Ding Zhonggui
  • Wang Yan
  • Zhao Zhongming
  • Feng Hao
  • Dong Long
  • Zhai De
  • Ding Zongcheng
  • Jiang Deyou
  • Liu Tong
  • Ding Zongsheng
  • Ma Sheng
  • Chen Meng
  • Zhuang Dejiang
  • Zhao Hou
  • Yuan Zhen
  • Ying Suyuan
  • Ding Youzhong
  • Lu Huayuan
  • Zhang Gongming
  • Hao Li
  • Zhang Guang
  • Cui Gangzhong
  • Wen Tong
  • Meng Hao
  • Zhuoli
  • Xu Shiheng
  • Wen Youzi
  • Zheng E
  • Chu Fei
  • Yang Fu
  • Chang Zheng
  • Wan Qiangu
  • Ying Yau
  • Xie Bing
  • Zhou Shining
  • Peng Zhiliang
  • Feng Hang
  • Sun Ji
  • Ling Yun
  • Dong Shen

Continental Germanic mythology[edit]

  • Wōden, god associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt

Egyptian mythology[edit]

Sekhmet, Egyptian warrior goddess
  • Anhur, god of war
  • Bast, cat-headed goddess associated with war, protection of Lower Egypt and the pharaoh, the sun, perfumes, ointments and embalming
  • Horus, god of the king, the sky, war and protection
  • Maahes, lion-headed god of war
  • Menhit, goddess of war, "she who massacres"
  • Montu, falcon-headed god of war, valor and the sun
  • Neith, goddess of war, hunting and wisdom
  • Pakhet, goddess of war
  • Satis, deification of the floods of the Nile River and an early war, hunting, and fertility goddess
  • Sekhmet, goddess of warfare, pestilence and the desert
  • Set, god of chaos, associated with war
  • Sopdu, god of the scorching heat of the summer sun, associated with war
  • Wepwawet, wolf-god of war and death who later became associated with Anubis and the afterlife

Etruscan mythology[edit]

  • Laran, god of war
  • Menrva, goddess of war, art, wisdom and health

Greek mythology[edit]

  • Alala, spirit of the war cry
  • Androktasiai, spirits of battlefield slaughter
  • Ares, god of war, bloodlust, weapons of war, the defence and sacking of cities, rebellion and civil order, banditry, manliness and courage; the son of Zeus and Hera
  • Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts and reason
  • Bia, spirit of force and compulsion
  • Deimos, personification of terror
  • Enyalius, an epithet for Ares, sometimes identified as a separate, minor god of war
  • Enyo, goddess of destructive war and blood, sister of Ares, Hera and Zeus' daughter
  • Eris, goddess of strife and discord, twin sister of Ares, Hera and Zeus' daughter, who initiated the Trojan War
  • Heracles, know Strength, health, athletics and protection
  • Homados, spirit of the din of battle
  • Hysminai, female spirits of fighting and combat
  • Keres, female spirits of violent or cruel death, including death in battle, by accident, murder or ravaging disease
  • Kratos, the personification of strength and power
  • Kydoimos, spirit of the din of battle
  • Makhai, male spirits of fighting and combat
  • Nike, spirit of victory
  • Otrera, wife of Ares, goddess of violence and chaos, mother of the Amazons, daughter of Eurus the east wind
  • Palioxis, spirit of backrush, flight and retreat from battle
  • Perses, the Titan of destruction
  • Phobos, spirit of panic, fear, flight and battlefield route
  • Polemos, spirit of war
  • Proioxis, spirit of onrush and battlefield pursuit

Hawaiian mythology[edit]

  • , god of war
  • Pele, goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes and violence


Durga slays the buffalo demon
  • Chamunda, goddess of war and disease
  • Durga, the fiercer, demon-fighting form of Shiva's wife, the goddess Parvati
  • Hanuman, god associated with war, wisdom and courage
  • Indra, god of war, storms and rainfall
  • Kali, goddess associated with time, change and war
  • Kartikeya, god of war and battle
  • Kathyayini, goddess of vengeance and victory
  • Mangala, god of war
  • Matrikas, goddesses of war, children and emancipation

Hittite mythology[edit]

Hungarian mythology[edit]

  • Hadúr, god of war and the metalsmith of the gods

anime mythology

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  • Neto, god believed to be associated with war
Inanna, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love, fertility and war

Māori mythology[edit]

Maya mythology[edit]

  • Tohil, god associated with fire, the sun, rain, mountains and war

Mesopotamian mythology[edit]

Mongolian shamanism[edit]

Native American mythology[edit]

Norse mythology[edit]

  • Freyja, goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war and death
  • Odin, god associated with wisdom, war, battle and death
  • Thor, god associated with thunder, strength, defense, oaks, goats, lightning, storms, weather, crops, trading voyages, courage, trust, revenge, protection, warfare and battles
  • Týr, god associated with honor, law (the "Allthing"), justice in battle, victory and heroic glory
  • Ullr, god associated with archery, male beauty, skiing, winter sports, single combat and war
  • Valkyries, goddesses who decide who will die in battle and bring the dead to Valhalla, the afterlife hall of the slain

Nuristani mythology[edit]

Paleo-Balkan mythology[edit]

Polynesian mythology[edit]

Roman mythology[edit]

  • Bellona, goddess of war
  • Honos, god of chivalry, honor, and military justice
  • Lua, goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons
  • Mars, god of war and agriculture, equivalent to the Greek god Ares
  • Minerva, goddess of wisdom and war, equivalent to the Greek goddess Athena
  • Nerio, warrior goddess and personification of valor
  • Vica Pota, goddess of victory
  • Victoria, personification of victory, equivalent to the Greek goddess Nike
  • Virtus, god of bravery and military strength

Semitic mythology[edit]

Slavic mythology[edit]

  • Jarovit, god of vegetation, fertility, and spring, also associated with war and harvest
  • Perun, god of thunder and lightning, associated with war
  • Radegast, West Slavic god of hospitality, fertility and crops, associated with war and the sun; may or may not have been worshipped by ancient Slavs
  • Svetovid, god of war, fertility and abundance
  • Zorya Utrennyaya, goddess of the morning star, sometimes depicted as a warrior goddess who protected men in battle
  • Serbon, Illyrian god of fertility and war

Vietnamese mythology[edit]


  • Bugid Y Aiba, loa associated with war
  • Ogoun, loa who presides over fire, iron, hunting, politics and war
  • Pie, soldier-loa who lives at the bottoms of lakes and rivers and causes floods