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This is a list of wars involving the United Mexican States.

Mexico has been involved in numerous different military conflicts over the years, with most being civil/internal wars.


Mexican troops operating in the Mexican Drug War.

This list includes the Pre-Hispanic wars in the territory which now comprises central Mexico prior to Spanish colonization. As Mexico did not existed as a nation, other present-day territories are not included.


Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results
Mexican War of Independence
Mexico Mexican Insurgents
European Volunteers
Mexico Mexican Ex-Royalists
Army of the Three Guarantees
Spain Spanish Royalists
Mexico Mexican Royalists
Spanish Reconquest of Mexico
 Mexico  Spain Victory
Texas Revolution
 Mexico  Texas Defeat
First Franco–Mexican War: Pastry War
 Mexico  France Defeat
  • Mexican government accepts to pay the 600,000 pesos
Mexican–American War
 Mexico  United States Defeat
Caste War of Yucatán
Maya Victory
  • Republic of Yucatán rejoins the United Mexican States in 1848
  • Mayas achieve an independent state from 1847–1883
  • Mexico recaptures Yucatán
  • Conflict between the Mexicans and Mayans continued until 1933
Reform War
Mexico Liberals
 United States
Mexico Conservatives Liberal Victory
Second Franco–Mexican War
 United Mexican States
 United States of America
 Republic of Peru
France French Empire
Mexico Mexican Empire
 Austrian Empire
Egypt Eyalet
Polish Revolutionaries
Las Cuevas War
 Mexico  United States Defeat
  • Cattle returned to Texas
Garza Revolution
 United States
Garzistas Victory
  • Garza Revolution defeated
Mexican Revolution
Mexico Counter-Revolutionary Forces Mexico Revolutionary Forces Revolutionary Victory
Border War
Mexico Mexican Carrancistas
 United States Mexican Carransista/American Victory on Villista rebels
  • Occupation of Veracruz
  • American military is ordered to withdraw from Mexican territory after the defeat in the Battle of Carrizal
  • Pancho Villa's troops no longer an effective fighting force
  • General John J. Pershing acknowledges the failure of the American army to meet the objetives of their campaign
  • Battles between Mexican and American forces ceased in 1919 after the American/Carranzista victory in the Battle of Ciudad Juárez over the Villistas
  • Pancho Villa obtains pardon from the Mexican government.
Cristero War
Mexico Mexican Government Cristeros Government Ceasefire
Spanish Civil War
Second Spanish Republic Spanish Republicans
Foreign Volunteers
 Soviet Union
Spain Spanish Nationalists
Kingdom of Italy Italy
Nazi Germany Germany
Portugal Portugal
World War II
 Soviet Union
 United States
 United Kingdom
 New Zealand
 South Africa
Mexico–Guatemala conflict
Mexico Mexico  Guatemala Inconclusive
  • Relations between the two nations are frozen for several months
Dirty War
Mexico Mexican Government Guerrilla Groups Government Victory
Zapatista Uprising
 Mexico EZLN Victory
Mexican Drug War
 Mexico Drug Cartels Ongoing

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