List of waterfalls of the United Kingdom

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This is a links page to the named waterfalls found in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), and includes a list of the highest waterfalls.

Highest waterfalls in the UK[edit]

The list of highest waterfalls is often controversial, due to the ambiguity of whether to measure the single largest fall or the sum of a series of falls, and many falls make false claims to the record. This table measures waterfalls by tallest single drop.

Waterfall Location Height (metres)
1 Eas a' Chual Aluinn Scotland 200
2 Steall waterfall Scotland 120
3 Falls of Glomach Scotland 113
4 Devil's Appendix Wales 93
5 Pistyll y Llyn Wales 91
6 Pistyll Rhaeadr Wales 80
7 Cautley Spout England 76
=8 Falls of Foyers Scotland 62
=8 Falls of Clyde Scotland 62
=10 Falls of Bruar Scotland 60
=10 Cauldron Snout England 60

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