List of web browsers for Unix and Unix-like operating systems

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The following is a list of web browsers for various Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Not all of these browsers are specific to these operating systems; some are available on non-Unix systems as well. Some, but not most work for Android.


Colored items in this table are discontinued.

Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes
Abaco Custom rio For Plan 9
Amaya Custom wxWidgets Discontinued; Also a web page composer tool (HTML editor)
Arena Custom Xlib Discontinued testbed for W3C
Arora WebKit Qt FOSS
Beonex Communicator Gecko GTK+ Discontinued; a separate branch of the Mozilla Application Suite
Camino Gecko Cocoa Requires Mac OS X
Conkeror Gecko XUL FOSS
Chromium Blink GTK+ Close affinity with Google Chrome
Dillo Dillo FLTK Versions prior to 2.0 were built upon GTK+.
Dooble WebKit Qt BSD License
Flock Gecko XUL Discontinued; specialised version of Mozilla Firefox
Galeon Gecko GTK+ Discontinued
GNU IceCat Gecko XUL Rebranded Mozilla Firefox, renamed from Iceweasel
Google Chrome Blink GTK+ Based on Chromium - Freeware under Google Chrome Terms of Service
iCab WebKit Cocoa Proprietary; versions prior to 4 used custom layout engine
Iceape Gecko XUL Discontinued; Rebranded SeaMonkey
Internet Explorer for Mac Tasman Carbon Discontinued; using Tasman in version 5
Internet Explorer for UNIX Trident Motif Discontinued
SRWare Iron Blink GTK+ Based on Chromium; removes information transfer to third parties such as Google by default
Kazehakase Gecko GTK+ FOSS
Kirix Strata Gecko wxWidgets Proprietary
Konqueror KHTML, WebKit Qt Default web browser for KDE
Midori WebKit GTK+ Default browser for XFCE
Mothra Custom rio For Plan 9
Mosaic Custom Motif Discontinued; one of the first web browsers
Mozilla Application Suite Gecko XUL Discontinued
Mozilla Firefox Gecko XUL FOSS
NetSurf NetSurf GTK+, Framebuffer NetSurf is not tied to any particular UI toolkits. Currently GTK+ and framebuffer front end implementations exist.
OmniWeb WebKit Cocoa Proprietary; using WebKit since version 5.5
Opera Blink Xlib Opera used its own renderer, Presto, through version 12.XX. Linux versions were suspended when Opera moved to Blink and are expected[1] to resume with version 24.
QupZilla WebKit Qt FOSS
Rekonq WebKit Qt FOSS
Safari WebKit Cocoa Proprietary
SeaMonkey Gecko XUL Community-developed version of now abandoned Mozilla Application Suite codebase
Shiira WebKit Cocoa Discontinued; for Mac OS X only
Swiftfox Gecko XUL Proprietary; optimised build of Mozilla Firefox
Swiftweasel Gecko XUL Discontinued; optimised build of Mozilla Firefox
TenFourFox Gecko XUL PowerPC build of Firefox for Mac OS X
tkWWW Custom Tcl Discontinued; FOSS
Uzbl WebKit GTK+ FOSS; follows the Unix philosophy
Web (formerly Epiphany) WebKit GTK+ Versions prior to 2.27.0 were built upon Gecko
xombrero WebKit GTK+ Renamed from xxxterm; FOSS; originated from OpenBSD community
Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Notes


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