List of weevil (Curculionoidea) species recorded in Britain

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The following is a list of the weevils recorded in Great Britain.[1] For other beetles, see List of beetle species recorded in Britain.

Orthoceri Schönherr, 1823[edit]

Family Nemonychidae Bedel, 1882
Family Anthribidae Billberg, 1820
Family Rhynchitidae Gistel, 1848
Family Attelabidae Billberg, 1820
Family Apionidae Schönherr, 1823
Family Nanophyidae Gistel, 1856
Family Dryophthoridae Schönherr, 1825
Family Erirhinidae Schönherr, 1825
Family Raymondionymidae Reitter, 1912

Gonatoceri Schönherr, 1825[edit]

Family Curculionidae Latreille, 1802
Family Platypodidae Shuckard, 1840


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