List of women's national basketball teams

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This is a list of the women's national basketball teams in the world.

The five FIBA zones.

Active teams[edit]

The International Basketball Federation, or FIBA recognizes 213 national teams divided into 5 zones, each roughly corresponding to a continent (North America and South America are grouped under the Americas.)

The newest national team is Montenegro which was recognized in 2006.

It is interesting to note that there are more FIBA-recognized teams than FIFA-recognized teams (209).

FIBA Africa[edit]

FIBA Africa subzones.

FIBA Africa, which has 53 national teams,[1] is divided into 7 zones.[2]

FIBA Americas[edit]

FIBA Americas subzones.

FIBA Americas (formerly the Pan-American Basketball Confederation), which controls North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America, has 44 national teams, divided into three areas.[3] The Central American and Caribbean Confederations of Basketball (CONCECABA) is further divided into the Central America and Caribbean zone.[4]

FIBA Asia[edit]

FIBA Asia subzones.

FIBA Asia (formerly the Asian Basketball Confederation) is divided into 5 zones.[5]

FIBA Europe[edit]

FIBA Europe has 52 member nations under it.[6]

 Great Britain, a combined team of England, Scotland and Wales will play at the 2012 Olympics.

FIBA Oceania[edit]

FIBA Oceania has 21 member nations under it.[7]

Non-FIBA members[edit]

Defunct teams[edit]

FIBA country codes[edit]

FIBA uses IOC country codes for most countries which are IOC members. For non-IOC members and exceptions, FIBA uses the following codes: