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A listings magazine is a magazine which contains information about the upcoming week's events such as broadcast programming, music, clubs, theatre and film information; examples include Time Out magazine in the UK, TV Hebdo (Québec) in Canada, and TV Guide in the US. These are normally published either with a Saturday or Sunday newspaper or are published weekly or fortnightly to give information about upcoming events. They also normally include columns about TV and culture topics.

During the politically charged[clarification needed] 1970s and 1980s, many of these magazines, in the UK at least, played a progressive role as part of the alternative press and had a reputation for leftward leaning investigative and campaigning journalism. They were some of the first consumer magazines to carry lists of "agitprop" events. City Limits was probably the most outspoken of all UK-based listings magazines[according to whom?] but almost all followed Time Out’s lead of including space for lesbian and gay events and clubs. In certain areas of the UK which were previously dominated by the old guard of regional newspapers, which were traditionally more conservative in outlook, this was the first time that gay issues were put on a par with others - this was particularly true of Bristol’s Venue (magazine), Southampton’s Due South Magazine, and to a lesser extent Manchester’s City Life where the local press (Manchester Evening News) had been at times at least, a little more tolerant.