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Logo of LiteFM.svg
Broadcast area Malaysia
Slogan Classic hits all day
Frequency Varies depending on its region

Oldies (1997-2008)

Easy Listening+Adult Contemporary (2008-present)
Owner Astro Radio
Webcast eAAC+

LiteFM is one of Malaysia's English-language radio stations. It is managed by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. LiteFM was launched into Malaysian FM airwaves in January 1997 after being one of Astro's audio-only channels since the launch of the satellite network in October the year before. It was formerly known as Light & Easy and was renamed "Lite FM" on 20 October 2006. Lite FM begins in 1997 as an oldies format focusing songs mainly from the 1960's till 1980's targeting older audience above 45 years old. However since the change of the station's name and logo,Lite FM gradually changed into an easy listening adult complementary music format.More current tracks from the 1990's till now are added into Lite FM's playlist as now the station wants to target younger audience other than the older ones. Starting from 2009, the station focus on playing music mainly from the 1980's, 1990's, and now with less frequent on playing 1970's music each hour.The focus on playing 1960's and 1970's music is now going on at Gold, one of Astro satellite music channel. Starting from 2013,the station no longer plays 1960's music during the weekday and 1960's music are only heard during the weekends.In fact some of the 1960's and 1970's songs were dropped from its playlist as the station wants to concentrate of songs from the 1980's and beyond. Artists always played on Lite FM are such as Linoel Ritchie, Air Supply, Whitney Houston, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Cobbie Callet, and Josh Groban.

Its music selections target anyone who prefer relaxing tunes even though the station's current slogan is "Classic Hits all Day". It also cultivates and encourage the love of classic hits among younger generations aged under 40. Recently,the station launches a programs that features America's best songs of the 80's hits called Casey Kasem's American Top 40.



Program Day Time Announcer Notes
The Lite Breakfast Show Weekdays 6 am – 10 am Steve and Shaz
Lite FM's More Music Workday 10 am – 4 pm Ross Hadi
Lite FM's Smooth Drive with Davina 4 pm – 8 pm Davina Goh
Breakfast In Bed 8 pm – 10 pm Steve and Shaz
The Love Songs 10 pm – 12 am Craig Boddy
The Lite Weekend Saturday & Sunday Saturday: Lite FM's Casey Kasem's American Top 40 (7am-11am)- Casey Kasem, Ross Hadi/Rex (1-4pm), Lite FM's Solid Gold (7-9pm), Lite FM's Swing Time (9-12am) Sunday: Lynn (8am-12pm), Davina Goh (12-6pm) , Repeat of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 (8-12am)
Car Tunes Saturday 12 pm – 1 pm Ross Hadi and Daniel Fernandez

Former announcers[edit]

  • Farouk Khan
  • Ika Kamaruzzaman
  • Lucy Leong
  • Karen Bahrin
  • Caroline Nicole Oh
  • Simon D' Cruz
  • Aanont Wathanasin
  • Richard La Faber
  • PK
  • Papi Zak
  • Richard Ng
  • Sara Lo
  • Yasmin Yusuff
  • Kudsia Kahar
  • Adi
  • Aly Elfwing
  • Constantine Palawan
  • Priscilla Patrick
  • Camy K
  • Kevin Francis
  • Ryan Augustine De Alwis
  • Sharizan
  • Camelia