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'Litein' is a small town in the Rift Valley Province, Kenya. It is the capital of the Buret District. Litein has an urban population of 2300.[1] The town is along the Kericho-Sotik road. It also has a road link to Bomet.

The main activity in the area is farming of Tea and Maize together with livestock.

Litein originated from the word "LITEITO"which means a stone used for sharpening objects notably by kipsigis, so therefore Litein refers to liteito in some distance.

Litein is located in Rift Valley province, Bureti District (litein is the headquoters of Bureti District) its one of the busiest town in South Rift region and is surrounded by other towns like Kapkatet (which is known as the Kipsigis headquoters)Koiwa,Boito,Mogogosiek,kusumek,Chemosot and Cheborge shopping centres.Its suituated about 32 km from kericho town along Kericho-sotik-kisii highway.people living in litein area are mainly kipsigis sub tribe of the larger kalenjin community banks found in Litein town includes KCB,Equity, co-orperative and Bureti tea sacco. AIC Litein Mission Hospital is also 100mfrom Litein town.

Churches around litein are Catholic church,Liberty Gospel Church,Africa Inland church among others.Litein town has serene environment suitable for learning,this is depicted by various schools and colleges in the town.primary schools in Litein town includes litein primary which is a public school,Chemitan,St mark,Sally ann among other private schools.High schools in litein town are litein boys,litein AIC girls and litein east.Litein town also has numerous colleges which includes valley,KSPS among others. Litein Tea Factory is 300m from litein town. Its weather is good to farmers thus encouraging farming.


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Coordinates: 0°35′S 35°11′E / 0.583°S 35.183°E / -0.583; 35.183