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This is a list of literature pages categorized by country, language, or cultural group. Sometimes these literatures will be called national literatures because they help define a national identity or provide a common reference point for that country's culture.

Abkhaz literature
Albanian literature
American literature
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African American literature
Native American literature
Southern literature
Deaf American literature
Arabic literature
Argentine literature
Armenian literature
Australian literature
Austrian literature
Azerbaijani literature
Babylonian literature and science
Basque literature
Belarusian literature
Belgian literature
Bengali literature
Bohemian literature
Brazilian literature
Breton literature
British literature
Bulgarian literature
Burmese Literature
Canadian literature
Catalan literature
Chechen literature
Chinese literature
Cornish literature
Croatian literature
Cuban literature
Cypriot literature
Czech literature
Danish literature
Dutch literature
Ecuadorian literature
Egyptian literature
English literature
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Anglo-Norman literature
Anglo-Saxon literature
Anglo-Welsh literature
Esperanto literature
Estonian literature
Ethiopian literature
Filipino literature
Finnish literature
Flemish literature
Francophone literature
French literature
Filipino literature
Frisian literature
Galician literature
Georgian literature
German literature
Greek literature
Hebrew literature
Hindi literature
Literature of Hong Kong
Hungarian literature
Icelandic literature
Ilokano literature
Indian literature
Irish literature
Israeli literature
Italian literature
Japanese literature
Jèrriais literature
Kannada literature
Kashmiri literature
Kazakhstani literature
Kurdish literature
Korean literature
Latin literature
Latvian literature
Lithuanian literature
Luxembourg literature
Macedonian literature
Malayalam literature
Maltese literature
Manx literature
Marathi literature
Mexican literature
Moldovan literature
Montenegrin literature
Moroccan literature
Nepali literature
New Zealand literature
Nigerian literature
Norwegian literature
Occitan literature
Ossetian literature
Pakistani literature
Persian literature
Peruvian literature
Polish literature
Portuguese literature
Provençal literature
Puerto Rican literature
Quebec literature
Romanian literature
Russian literature
Rwandan literature
Sanskrit literature
Scottish literature
Serbian literature
Singaporean literature
Saraiki literature
Slovak literature
Slovene literature
Somali literature
Serbian literature
South African literature
Spanish literature
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Latin American literature
Swahili literature
Swedish literature
Swiss literature
Syriac literature
Literature of Taiwan
Tamil literature
Tajik literature
Telugu literature
Thai literature
Turkish literature
Ukrainian literature
Urdu literature
Venezuelan literature
Vietnamese literature
Waray literature
Welsh literature
Yiddish literature
Yoruba literature