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Nepalese literature is the literature of Nepal. This is distinct from Nepali literature, which is the literature in Nepali language (Khas kura). The major literary languages of Nepal are:


Mostly in the past, no significant recent developments

Nepali literature[edit]

Main article: Nepali literature

Nepali literature consists of the literature written in the Nepali language. The Nepali language has been the national language of Nepal since 1958. The Nepali language has also been recognized as a "major Indian literary language" by the Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters.[1]

Nepal Bhasa literature[edit]

The Literature written in Newari language. The language spoken by the Newar Community in Nepal also called Nepal Bhasa.

Maithili language Literature[edit]


Bhojpuri is the languages spoken in Terai region of Nepal.

English literature[edit]

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