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Lithuanian-Romanian relations
Map indicating locations of Lithuania and Romania



Lithuania–Romania relations are foreign relations between Lithuania and Romania. Both countries established diplomatic relations on August 26, 1924.[1][2] Romania recognized Lithuania’s independence on August 26, 1991.[1] Diplomatic relations between both countries resumed on September 13, 1991.[1] Lithuania has an embassy in Bucharest. Romania has an embassy in Vilnius. Both countries are full members of the European Union, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Both countries were admitted into NATO in the 2002 expansion.


Between 1918 and 1924 "Bucharest politicians were not interested in Kaunas".[3] On August 26, 1924, diplomatic relations between Romania and the Republic of Lithuania were established. Diplomatic relations were suspended on August 25, 1940 when Lithuania was incorporated into the Soviet Union.[2] On September 13, 1991 diplomatic relations resumed.[4] The Embassy of Romania in Vilnius was established in 1992.[2] On June 30, 2009, Vygaudas Ušackas, Lithuania's Minister of Foreign Affairs received the outgoing Ambassador of Romania, Gheorghe Tokay. Tokay had been Romania’s Ambassador to Lithuania since 2006.[5] In January 2006 there was opened the first Embassy of Lithuania in Romania, in Bucharest, headed by Vladimir Jarmolenko as Minister Counsellor, Chargé d'affaires a.i. In 2008 he was appointed ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Romania.

State visits[edit]

The following state visits took place:[1][2]

  • 1994 visit to Vilnius by Ion Iliescu, the President of Romania to sign the Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between Romania and the Republic of Lithuania.
  • 1995 visit to Bucharest by Algirdas Brazauskas, the President of the Republic of Lithuania
  • 1995 official visit to Vilnius by the President of the Senate of Romania
  • 1998 visit by Vytautas Landsbergis, the Speaker of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, he participated in the Meeting of the President of the European Parliament with the Presidents of the Parliaments of EU Candidate Countries, in Bucharest
  • 2001 visit to Vilnius by Ion Iliescu, the President of Romania in November 2001.[6][7] President Valdas Adamkus conferred the Grand Cross of the Order of Vytautas on President Ion Iliescu for "personal services to the development of the relations between Lithuania and Romania and active contribution to the broadening of bilateral co-operation". President Adamkus was awarded the Star of Romania.[8] Iliescu spoke at Vilnius University.[9]


Bilateral trade is relatively low.[10] Trade for the first 10 months of 2007 was of EUR 55.4 million . That represents an increase of 75.3 percent over a comparable period in 2006. Between January and August 2008, Lithuania's exports to Romania were EUR 21.4 million and that represented an 85.7 percent increase from the same period of 2007.[10] Lithuanian direct investments in Romania in 2007 were EUR 74 million. Romanian direct investments in Lithuania EUR 1.2 million. More than 30 Lithuanian companies are actively invested in Romanian economy.[11] Lithuanian companies in Romania include: Europa Group Investment, Hanner, Flynova, Maz Baltic RO, AVC Autoimport and Arvi Agro.[10]


The following agreements are in place:[1][2]

  • Re-establishment of Diplomatic Relations signed in Vilnius, September 13, 1991
  • Economic and Trade Relations, and Co-operation on Science and Technology signed in Bucharest, June 10, 1992
  • International Road Transport signed in Vilnius, March 17, 1993
  • Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation between Romania and the Republic of Lithuania signed in Vilnius, March 8, 1994
  • Mutual Protection and Promotion of Investment signed in Vilnius, March 8, 1994[12]
  • Cultural Co-operation signed in Bucharest, September 19, 1995
  • Convention on the Avoidance of Double Taxation signed in Vilnius, November 26, 2001[8]
  • Free Trade signed in Vilnius, November 26, 2001[8]
  • Mutual Travels of Citizens signed in Bucharest, February 19, 2004[13]
  • Readmission of their Own Citizens and of Aliens signed in Bucharest on February 19, 2004[14]

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