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Not to be confused with latter, letter, liter, or lotter.
Not to be confused with lutter.

Litter may refer to:

  • Straw or other material strewn in an animal's enclosure (e.g. a stable) for it to sleep on and to absorb its feces and urine
  • Litter, trash in small portions thrown inappropriately in a public place such as a street or beach
  • Litter (animal), a group of mammals born of the same pregnancy to a single mother, such as dogs and cats
  • Litter (vehicle), a piece of furniture mounted on a platform and designed to be carried from place to place by (usually human) muscle power
  • Litter (rescue basket), a basket-like stretcher device used to ferry injured people either tethered to a helicopter or dragged behind a vehicle or animal
  • The Litter, a 1960s psychedelic rock band
  • Plant litter, dead plant material, such as leaves and twigs, that has fallen to the ground
  • Cat litter, a loose, absorbent material used in a litter box as part of the indoor feces and urine disposal system for pets
  • Litter, County Cork, Ireland

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