Little-T and One Track Mike

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Little-T And One Track Mike
Background information
Origin New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.
Genres Hip hop music
Years active 2000–2002
Labels Lava/Atlantic Records
Members Little-T: Vocals
One Track Mike: Samples/Instruments, Vocals
Past members Live Members:
One Track Mike: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Jesse (Savior): Bass, Percussions
Shank Bone Mystic (Daniel Saks): Instruments, Vocals, Shvantz
J-Ride: Drums

Little-T and One Track Mike (sometimes Little T & One Track Mike) was a hip-hop duo from New Jersey, USA. It is mostly remembered for its only hit, "Shaniqua," which was popular on MTV during 2001.[citation needed]


Timothy Sullivan, now Fite, (Little-T, who was given this name by his brother) and Michael Flannery (One Track Mike who was dubbed this by Little T in a car ride after the completion of their first demo) met in college while attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1998. The two recruited band members Shank Bone Mystic, Savior (Jesse Saul) and J Ride (respectively, keyboard/vocals, bass and percussion and drums). They wrote some songs and their witty hip hop was popular with Rutgers students. They began playing shows throughout the tri-state area and their popularity grew. As their fame increased, MTV Lyricist Lounge Show introduced them to Lava Records who quickly signed them. The group's album drew a positive review in Rolling Stone and Lava was throwing a celebratory record release party in Manhattan. The date was September 11, 2001, and the party never happened. The band went on to tour for two years with such acts as Outkast, Blink 182, Green Day, Ben Kweller, My Morning Jacket, and many others. The second single was set to be "Wings." The band had chosen the song because it reflected what it represented more than the previous single, which made them appear to be just another white hip hop act.

In 2002 the band was featured on the Scooby Doo soundtrack, and that was the end of the band's career. After the end of LTAOTM, they created an unreleased LP under the name "Home School" but parted ways shortly after. Since then, Little-T signed with ANTI- Records under the name Tim Fite. One-Track Mike still produces music from his project studio in Manhattan. He and his younger brother Dan work as a children's jingle house under the name Jumping Giant. Shank Bone Mystic and J Ride now play in DeLeon. Savior has turned to other pursuits.



Singles & Promo[edit]

Other Songs[edit]


  • "Shaniqua" (2001)
  • The song "Wings" was made into a video which briefly aired on MTV in the UK. The song and video were associated with the 2001 film Mean Machine. According to posts by the artists on the Little T and One Track Mike Lava Records forum, the video was filmed on location at the prison setting of Mean Machine (2001).

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