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This article is about the geographic feature. For the sailing vessel, see HMS Little Belt.
A picture of the Lillebælt in Denmark
Straits of Denmark with the Little Belt middle left, labelled with its Danish name Lillebælt

The Little Belt (Danish: Lillebælt) is a strait between the Danish island of Funen and the Jutland Peninsula.

The belt is about 50 km long and 800m to 28 km wide, the maximum depth is approximately 75 m, and contains numerous small Danish islands.

Two bridges cross the belt, the Old Little Belt bridge and the New Little Belt bridge; also the two Little Belt overhead powerline crossings. The first power line was taken down and replaced by a subsea cable in 2013.[1]

The Belt is mentioned in the German national anthem (written 1841), the Deutschlandlied, to define the northern limit of territories advocated in the song as a unified Germany. Its inclusion reflects the bilingual nature of the former Duchy of Schleswig, which as populated by both Danes, Germans and bilinguals. It was also mentioned for the same reason in the 1813 song, Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?, written by Ernst Moritz Arndt.

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Coordinates: 55°11′N 9°50′E / 55.183°N 9.833°E / 55.183; 9.833