Little Caesar and the Consuls

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Little Caesar and the Consuls
Also known as The Consuls
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Rock
Years active 1957 (1957)–1971 (1971)
Past members Bruce Morshead
Ken Pernokis
Tom Wilson
Gary Wright
Norm Sherrat
Gene MacLellan
Robbie Robertson
Steve Macko Vic Wilson

Little Caesar and the Consuls were a Canadian rock music group, originally active from 1957 to 1971 from Toronto. Originally known as The Consuls, the band added Little Caesar to their name after a number of fans commented that lead singer Bruce Morshead resembled Edward G. Robinson in the film Little Caesar.[1]

The core of the group consisted of Morshead, guitarist Ken Pernokis, bassist Tom Wilson, drummer Gary Wright and saxophonist Norm Sherrat. Gene MacLellan and Robbie Robertson were also early members of the band.

The group recorded several Canadian hits, including "If I Found A New Girl" and covers of "My Girl Sloopy" and "You Really Got a Hold On Me", which reached #1 on the RPM charts in 1965, making them only the second Canadian group (after Chad Allan and the Expressions) to top that chart.

Morshead left the band in 1966. The band continued with new vocalist Steve Macko, and released several more singles before breaking up in 1971. They undertook brief reunions in 1973, 1976 and 1986. In 1993, Sherrat, Wright, Tom Wilson, Macko, Vic Wilson and Tony Crivaro recorded a reunion album, Since 1956.



  • 1965 Little Caesar and the Consuls
  • 1993 Since 1956


  • 1963 "If...(I Found A New Girl)"
  • 1965 "My Girl Sloopy" - #3 - August 1965
  • 1965 "You Really Got a Hold On Me" - #1 - December 1965
  • 1966 "You Laugh Too Much" - #9 - April 1966
  • 1966 "1000 Miles Away" - #58 - July 1966
  • 1966 "Mercy Mr. Percy" - #38 - December 1966
  • 1967 "My Love For You" - #88 - May 1967
  • 1976 "Hang On Sloopy"


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