Little Chilliwack River

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Little Chilliwack River
Country United States
State Washington
County Whatcom County
Source Ridge between it and Silesia Creek
 - location North Cascades
Mouth Chilliwack River
 - location Just south of the inlet of Chilliwack Lake

The Little Chilliwack River is a small river in Whatcom County, Washington. It is a tributary of the Chilliwack River, entering the river just below the United States/Canada Border.


The river originates at a ridge between it and Silesia Creek. It flows just over 7 miles northeast from there to its confluence with the Chilliwack on the opposite side of the river from a trail leading up the Chilliwack. The Little Fork merges with it just under 2 km above its mouth.

Little Fork[edit]

The Little Fork Little Chilliwack River starts at the base of Copper Mountain. It flows about 4 ½ km northeast as well, merging with the main fork about 2 km upstream from the river’s mouth.

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Coordinates: 48°59′34″N 121°24′38″W / 48.99278°N 121.41056°W / 48.99278; -121.41056