Little Crystal Creek Bridge

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Little Crystal Creek Bridge
Little Crystal Creek, Queensland.JPG
Little Crystal Creek Bridge
Carries Motor vehicles,
Crosses Little Crystal Creek
Locale Paluma, North Queensland, Australia
Heritage status Queensland Heritage Register (ID 602652)
Design Arch bridge
Material Stone-faced Concrete
Number of spans 1
Construction begin January 1932
Construction end June 1933
Falls above the bridge.

The Little Crystal Creek Bridge is a heritage-listed arch bridge over Little Crystal Creek, on Mount Spec Road to Paluma, North Queensland, Australia. The bridge situated 61 km north of Townsville provides access to the Paluma Range National Park.

Mount Spec Road including the bridge was constructed between 1930 and 1936 under the Unemployment Relief Scheme during the Great Depression. The road was constructed in hilly terrain by a large labour force using limited mechanical assistance.

The Little Crystal Creek Bridge comprises a single span arch, constructed of concrete but faced with stone. It spans the Little Crystal Creek Gorge in a picturesque location in Paluma Range National Park. A masonry arch design of the bridge has been recommended by the District Engineer Townsville, from the aesthetic point of view, on 8 June 1931. The variation was approved in January 1932 and the construction completed by June 1933. Wages for four stonemasons employed during the construction of the bridge and "too much work dressing stone", contributed to the excessive cost of the bridge.

It is the only concrete arch road bridge dressed with stone that remains in service in Queensland. Mt Spec Road and Little Crystal Creek Bridge are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.[1]

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Coordinates: 19°00′1.57″S 146°15′35.72″E / 19.0004361°S 146.2599222°E / -19.0004361; 146.2599222