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Little Johnny Jet is a 1953 Metro Goldwyn Mayer cartoon short directed by Tex Avery about a "family" of airplanes. This is also comparable to the 1952 short, One Cab's Family.


The cartoon follows the story of a B-29 Bomber named John, who is married to Mary, a Douglas DC-3. John can't seem to find work at any airport because they're looking for jets. He then finds out he and Mary are going to have a kid, so needing to find work, he heads off to reenlist in the Air Force, but finds even they won't take him back in, as they're looking for jets as well, which further angers him. Finally Junior arrives and John is very pleased...until he realizes he's a jet also, making him lose his mind (but he doesn't take it out on Junior).

When reading the paper the next day, John sees the ad for a jet contest held by the United States Government where the winner gets a huge contract. Plenty fed up with jets, he goes to enter the contest as well to try to show them up. Realizing what risk he's putting himself in, Mary goes after him with Junior in tow. In route to the contest, John meets a B-29 general who smokes Douglas MacArthur's trademark corncob pipe and has Bataan written amidst his five stars. When John asks him, the general declines to enter the contest and states, parodying MacArthur's farewell address to the U.S. Congress, that "older planes never fly, they just fade away," before literally fading away.

At the contest, John lines up at the starting line with the rest of the jets. Mary catches up and tries in vain to reason with him, but gets shoved away by him. While this was happening, Junior gets out of the baby buggy and get in the fuselage of John, and by the time Mary realizes it's too late.

At the green flag, the jets all but disappear while John sputters badly to take off and run the race. Within no time, his propellers had had enough and detach from his body, sending him into a nose dive for Earth. Junior realizes what's happening and manages to get out in time to grab him by the tail and save him. When John realized he hadn't crashed, he looks back and sees Junior holding his tail and flying him along. After happily praising him for saving him, they then kick it into high gear and run the race, tearing past the other contestants, and are shown flying around the world, going by certain landmarks with funny things happening (The Eiffel Tower pulling itself open to let them through, The Leaning Tower of Pisa tilting the other way, they fly by a huge cloud of smog which is completely removed to reveal Los Angeles, The Statue of Liberty's dress blows open to reveal then-rather risque lingerie on her, leaving Junior perplexed, etc.), and a few non-landmark things as well (a blimp gets cut in half to look like a watermelon, a sky-written ad for a cola changes to "BURP!", and an ocean liner gets shrunk down to a tugboat.)

They easily win the race and the government contract...for Junior. John's joy is soon sort of crushed when he is told they need ten-thousand more just like him, realizing he and Mary have some procreating to do.

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