Skull Ring

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Skull Ring
Studio album by Iggy Pop
Released November 4, 2003
Recorded The Hit Factory Criteria Studios, Miami, FL
Genre Punk rock
Length 61:38
Label Virgin
Producer Iggy Pop, Greig Nori ("Little Know It All")
Iggy Pop chronology
Beat 'Em Up
Skull Ring
A Million in Prizes: The Anthology

Skull Ring is a 2003 album by Iggy Pop. The Stooges, The Trolls, Green Day, Sum 41, and Peaches also perform on the record.


The performers on most of the tracks on the album are The Trolls, Iggy's band from the Beat 'Em Up era. Members of his original band The Stooges also appear on some of the tracks.

One single, "Little Know It All", was released from the album and featured Sum 41. A music video for the song received significant airplay.[citation needed]. "Little Know It All" also appeared in the video game NASCAR Thunder 2004.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars link
The Guardian 3/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (4.1/10) link
PopMatters link
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Little Electric Chair" (featuring The Stooges) - 4:40
  2. "Perverts in the Sun" (featuring The Trolls) - 3:18
  3. "Skull Ring" (featuring The Stooges) - 3:51
  4. "Superbabe" (featuring The Trolls) - 4:09
  5. "Loser" (featuring The Stooges) - 2:41
  6. "Private Hell" (featuring Green Day) - 2:50
  7. "Little Know It All" (featuring Sum 41) - 3:33
  8. "Whatever" (featuring The Trolls) - 3:16
  9. "Dead Rock Star" (featuring The Stooges) - 4:39
  10. "Rock Show" (featuring Peaches) - 2:08
  11. "Here Comes the Summer" (featuring The Trolls) - 4:53
  12. "Motor Inn" (featuring Peaches) - 4:11
  13. "Inferiority Complex" (featuring The Trolls) - 4:13
  14. "Supermarket" (featuring Green Day) - 3:01
  15. "'Til Wrong Feels Right" - 3:13
  16. "Blood on Your Cool" (featuring The Trolls) - 7:02
  17. "Nervous Exhaustion" (hidden track featuring The Trolls)

B-Sides And Alternate Versions[edit]

  • "Motor Inn (Felix Da Housecat's High Octane Mix)" - 6:12
  • "Motor Inn (Felix Da Housecat's High Octane Mix Instrumental)" - 6:12
  • "Jose The Arab" (featuring The Trolls; Released On "Skull Ring" EP) - 2:56
  • "Ready To Run" (featuring The Trolls; Released On "Skull Ring" EP) - 3:02