Little Pendulum Island

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Little Pendulum Island
Native name: Lille Pedulum Ø
Location East-Greenland
Coordinates 74°40′N 18°28′W / 74.667°N 18.467°W / 74.667; -18.467Coordinates: 74°40′N 18°28′W / 74.667°N 18.467°W / 74.667; -18.467
Population 0

Little Pendulum Island is an island to the north east of Wollaston Foreland, Greenland. Together with Sabine Island (formerly Inner Pendulum Island), it constitutes the Pendulum Islands, named by Douglas Charles Clavering’s 1823 expedition, during which the Irish scientist Edward Sabine swung the pendulum on the largest of the islands (Sabine Island).