Little Sequatchie River

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Little Sequatchie River
Origin Cumberland Plateau
Mouth Sequatchie River
Location Tennessee, United States
Length 31.5 km (19.6 mi)
Source elevation 185 m (607 ft)

The Little Sequatchie River is a 19.6-mile-long (31.5 km)[1] tributary of the Sequatchie River in Tennessee. Unlike its larger namesake, it does not have a spectacular large spring source but is the result of the confluence of many smaller streams in a very remote, scenic area of the Cumberland Plateau along the line between Grundy County and Marion County. It flows down a narrow valley, basically south. Its mouth is near the community of Sequatchie (also rendered "Sequachee").


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Coordinates: 35°18′05″N 85°38′40″W / 35.3014644°N 85.6444152°W / 35.3014644; -85.6444152