Little Tallapoosa River

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Little Tallapoosa River
Origin North Carroll County, Georgia
Mouth Tallapoosa River
Basin countries United States
Length 97-mile (156 km)

Little Tallapoosa River is a 97-mile-long (156 km)[1] river in Georgia and Alabama, in the United States. It rises in northern Carroll County, Georgia near the city of Villa Rica and flows southwest into Alabama, joining the Tallapoosa River in Randolph County near the head of R.L. Harris Reservoir.

It is a water source for the city of Carrollton, Georgia.

In May 2012, Aimee Copeland, a 24-year old graduate student contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacterial disease, after she fell from a zip-line into the Little Tallapoosa River which caused a deep cut in her leg. Copeland’s leg was amputated a week after the accident.[2]


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Coordinates: 33°22′13.02″N 85°29′55.61″W / 33.3702833°N 85.4987806°W / 33.3702833; -85.4987806