Little Wenatchee River

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Coordinates: 47°49′38″N 120°49′07″W / 47.82722°N 120.81861°W / 47.82722; -120.81861
Little Wenatchee River
Name origin: Sahaptin word meaning "river issuing from a canyon" [1]
Country United States
State Washington
County Chelan
Source Cascade Range
 - location Dishpan Gap, Wenatchee National Forest
 - elevation 5,580 m (18,307 ft) [2]
 - coordinates 47°58′19″N 121°08′45″W / 47.97194°N 121.14583°W / 47.97194; -121.14583 [3]
Mouth Lake Wenatchee [3]
 - location South of Telma
 - elevation 1,873 m (6,145 ft) [3]
 - coordinates 47°49′38″N 120°49′07″W / 47.82722°N 120.81861°W / 47.82722; -120.81861 [3]

The Little Wenatchee River is the southern and smaller of the two rivers that flow into the west end of Lake Wenatchee. The northern and larger one is the White River. A large number of place names in the Little Wenatchee River basin, including the river's name itself, were given by Albert H. Sylvester.

The Little Wenatchee River begins at Dishpan Gap, a pass between the headwaters of the Little Wenatchee River and North Fork Skykomish River. The river flows southeast for a bit before turning south until its confluence with Cady Creek. From there it continues to flow southeast all the way to Lake Wenatchee.

At Little Wenatchee Falls, the river drops about 60 feet (18 m) in a series of cascades.[4]


For part of its 7.2-mile (11.6 km) length, the Little Wentatchee Trail follows the river. The trail runs from a trailhead at the end Little Wenatchee River Road to the Pacific Crest Trail.[5] The Little Wenatchee Ford Trailhead also provides access to Cady Creek Trail, Cady Ridge Trail, and Poe Mountain Trail.[6]

Soda Springs Campground, 9 miles (14 km) from Lake Wenatchee, has 21 campsites and a vault toilet.[7] Lake Creek Campground is along the Little Wenatchee 11 miles (18 km) upstream of Lake Wenatchee. The campground consists of a few dispersed sites but no toilet or other amenities.[8]

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