Littleton Island (Arctic)

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Littleton Island
Native name: Pikiuleq
Location Smith Sound
Coordinates 78°22′01″N 72°51′11″W / 78.367°N 72.853°W / 78.367; -72.853Coordinates: 78°22′01″N 72°51′11″W / 78.367°N 72.853°W / 78.367; -72.853

Littleton Island (Greenlandic: Pikiuleq) is an island approximately 1 km (0.6 mi) from Greenland’s coast right in Smith Sound. It is about 300 km (190 mi) south of the island today called Hans Island. Around it and the coast of Greenland lay dozens of tiny Islands, and Kane names one of them Hans Island after Hans Hendrik, the native Greenlandic helper he had with him on the trip. That this is the current Littleton Island is testified by Kane mentioning Edward Augustus Inglefield, who indeed named Littleton Island.

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