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Luitgarda of Saxony.jpg
Luitgarda of Saxony, Chronica Sancti Pantaleonis, Cologne, about 1237
Duchess consort of Lorraine
Tenure 947-953
Spouse Conrad, Duke of Lorraine
Issue Otto I, Duke of Carinthia
Dynasty Ottonian (by birth)
Salian (by marriage)
Father Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Eadgyth
Born 932
Died 953 (aged 20–21)

Liutgarde (932–953), also Liutgarda, was the daughter of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor and his first wife, Eadgyth.

In 947 she married Conrad, Duke of Lorraine, also known as Conrad the Red, and gave birth to Otto of Worms. Otto the Great's Empire did not pass to Liutgarde's brother, Liudolf, Duke of Swabia, but instead passed through his second wife Adelaide of Italy and to their son Otto II, and then his son Otto III. Otto III was succeeded by a second-cousin (a grandson of one of Otto I's brothers), Henry II. After Henry's death, Liutgarde's great-grandson Conrad II would become Emperor, beginning the Salian Dynasty.