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Roxette Live-Ism.jpg
Starring Roxette
Distributed by Picture Music International
Release dates
August 1992
Language English

Live-Ism is a concert video by the Swedish pop duo Roxette, released on VHS and Laserdisc on in August 1992. It features footage from a concert in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, filmed on December 13, 1991, during the Join The Joyride! World Tour 1991/92, as well as behind the scenes footage and the Music video for "How Do You Do!".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hotblooded"
  2. "Dangerous"
  3. "The Big L"
  4. "Watercolours in the Rain"
  5. "Church of Your Heart" (Music video)
  6. "Knockin' on Every Door"
  7. "Things Will Never Be the Same"
  8. "Dressed for Success"
  9. "Soul Deep"
  10. "The Look"
  11. "It Must Have Been Love"
  12. "(Do You Get) Excited?" (Music video)
  13. "Joyride"
  14. "Perfect Day"
  15. "How Do You Do!" (Music video)


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