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Industry Consumer electronics
Founder George Karonis (CEO)
Headquarters Valencia, CA, USA
Products GPS hardware
Tracking services

LiveViewGPS is a location-based services company, which uses tracking software to locate people and vehicles.[1] The software runs on personal computers and mobile phones.[2] The company received media attention for its online location management tool being used by businesses to monitor the locations of remote employees.[3][4] The company is based in Valencia, California.[5][6] George Karonis is the founder and CEO.[7]

In 2013, LiveViewGPS created Mobile Phone Locate, which registers cell phones with tracking software without installing third-party applications.[8][9][10] LiveViewGPS also created the GPS tracking technology, Live Trac EZ. Companies using Live Trac EZ receive web notifications when monitoring employees.[11] In 2014, LiveViewGPS partnered with SpeedGauge to work on driver behavior and speed control.[12]

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