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Bing Travel
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Travel services
Owner Microsoft
Launched September 15, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-09-15)

Bing Travel (previously Live Search Farecast and is an airfare prediction website in the computer reservations system industry. Bing Travel premiered to the public as Farecast on May 15, 2007. Bing Travel differentiates by offering predictions on when is the best time to purchase airline tickets.[1][disputed ]


Logo of Farecast.

Farecast was founded four years before its launch in 2003; according to Farecast it has collected over 175 billion airfare observations as of 2007.[2] Farecast's team of data miners use these airfare observations to build algorithms to predict future airfare price movements.

In April 2008, Farecast was bought by Microsoft at a price believed to be around $75 million to 115 million.[3] Microsoft officially integrated it as part of its Live Search group of tools in May 2008. On June 3, 2009, Microsoft officially rebranded Live Search Farecast as Bing Travel as part of its efforts to create a new search identity.


In 2009, there were allegations that Bing Travel had copied its layouts from Microsoft denied the allegations and stated that "Bing Travel is based on independent development by Microsoft and, which Microsoft acquired in 2008. Any contrary allegations are without merit."[4] By January 2013, Bing Travel results are powered by, as noted by this copy at the bottom of search results: "Results powered by".

As of January 2014, the fare prediction feature has been removed.


Microsoft discontinued Bing travel.It unknown when was Bing travel Is discontinued.The link now go to MSN travel.

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