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This page is about the 1995 UPN television show. For the technical term, "live shot", see remote broadcast.
Live Shot
Genre Drama
Written by Christopher Ames
Dan Guntzelman
Directed by Scott Brazil
Colin Bucksey
Starring Antonia Jones
Eddie Velez
Karen Austin
Debra Eisenstadt
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Rysher Entertainment
Original channel UPN
Original release 29 August 1995 – 9 January 1996

Live Shot is an American drama television show starring Jeff Yagher that aired in fall 1995 on UPN.

The show centered on fictional television station, KXZX, in Los Angeles's Re-Action News. It was an ensemble piece, one of the rare occasions in television where there was no true main character.

Most notable in the show's run was an early use of an ongoing story arc centering around the murder of a Los Angeles socialite. As the show was canceled with little warning, the story arc was never resolved. Also, sports reporter Lou Waller came out of the closet in the last act of the last episode to air. Consequently, the fallout of this event was never shown.


Alex Rydell (Jeff Yagher). Alex Rydell was the new News Director of KXZX's Re-Action News team. Immediately before joing the team he was working as a news director for a Boston station. Alex's wife decides not to join him in LA, and instead sends their son, Sean, to be with the father alone. One of his problems was dealing both with the stresses of his new job and being a newly single parent. Throughout the show's short run there was a growing attraction between, Alex and one of his producers, Nancy. However the show was canceled before the outcome could be decided.

Nancy Lockridge (Cheryl Pollak). Nancy was the Eleven O'Clock News producer. While she was attracted to Alex, she was also reluctant to began a relationship with him as he was newly separated and had a son, plus he was her boss. In the final episode that aired it appeared as though Alex's wife might want a reconciliation and Nancy encouraged Alex to give his marriage another try for the sake of his son.

Sean Rydell (Spencer Klein) Sean was Alex's young son. His mother had chosen not to come to LA and sent him to be with his father alone.

Harry Chandler Moore "The Beacon of Truth" (David Birney). Harry Moore was the vain, pompous senior news anchor at KXZX. Harry had a love/hate relationship with his co-anchor Sherry Beck. Despite their constant behind the scenes bickering the two of them had an affair.

Ricardo Sandoval (Eddie Velez). Ricardo was a 28-year-old study in macho good looks. Ricardo was a "Re-Action News" anchor and reporter who had been known to focus more attention on the creases in his expensive trousers than the story he's been assigned to cover.

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