Live at the Forum

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Live at the Forum
Live album by Killing Joke
Released 2009
Recorded 3 and 4 October 2008
Genre Post-punk
Killing Joke live albums chronology
The Original Unperverted Pantomime
Live at the Forum

Live at the Forum is a two-part limited edition of Killing Joke's performance at London's Forum venue, recorded on 3 and 4 October 2008 and released mid-October 2008.

The opening night's set, documented on the Part 1 release, was primarily dedicated to the band's first two albums, 1980's Killing Joke (1980) and 1981's What's THIS For...!. The second night's set, included on the Part 2 release, focused on 1994's Pandemonium and singles from the 1979–1985 era.

For this tour, Killing Joke reformed their original line-up for the first time since 1982: singer Jaz Coleman, guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker, bassist Martin "Youth" Glover (who had not played in the band since the recording sessions for 2003's self-titled album), and drummer Paul Ferguson (who had last played on 1986's Brighter Than a Thousand Suns).

Each release comprises three compact discs, two of which contain the live recordings, with the third one featuring exclusive photos from the gig. Both parts are limited to pressings of 1,500 copies, and are only available at

Both parts were reissued in February 2009, now called The Gathering 2008. The two parts can be ordered individually or as a single limited edition box set [1].

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Coleman/Ferguson/Glover/Walker, except where stated.

Live At The Forum, Part 1 03.10.08 [Disc One] (2008)[edit]

  1. "Requiem"
  2. "Wardance"
  3. "Tomorrow's World"
  4. "Bloodsport"
  5. "Complications"
  6. "S.O. 36"
  7. "Primitive"
  8. "Eighties" (Coleman/Ferguson/Paul Raven/Walker)
  9. "The Fall of Because"
  10. "Tension"
  11. "Unspeakable"

Live At The Forum, Part 1 03.10.08 [Disc Two] (2008)[edit]

  1. "Who Told You How?"
  2. "Butcher"
  3. "Madness"
  4. "Exit"
  5. "Follow the Leaders"
  6. "The Wait"
  7. "Pssyche"
  8. "Love Like Blood" (Coleman/Ferguson/Raven/Walker)
  9. "Change"
  10. "Are You Receiving?"

Live At The Forum, Part 2 04.10.08 [Disc One] (2008)[edit]

  1. "The Hum"
  2. "Change"
  3. "Pssyche"
  4. "Love Like Blood" (Coleman/Ferguson/Raven/Walker)
  5. "Eighties" (Coleman/Ferguson/Raven/Walker)
  6. "Whiteout" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  7. "Exorcism" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  8. "Labyrinth" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  9. "Black Moon" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  10. "Turn to Red"

Live At The Forum, Part 2 04.10.08 [Disc Two] (2008)[edit]

  1. "Communion" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  2. "Money Is Not Our God" (Martin Atkins/Coleman/Raven/Walker)
  3. "Asteroid" (Coleman/Andy Gill/Glover/Walker)
  4. "Timewave"
  5. "The Wait"
  6. "Pandemonium" (Coleman/Glover/Walker)
  7. "The Pandys are Coming"/"Empire Song"
  8. "Wardance"