Live from Gdańsk (Koncert w Stoczni)

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Live From Gdańsk (Koncert w Stoczni)
Live album by Jean Michel Jarre
Released October 27, 2005
Recorded August 26, 2005 in Gdańsk Shipyard, Gdańsk, Poland
Genre Electronic
Length 2hrs5mins
Label Warner Music Poland
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
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Live From Gdańsk (Koncert w Stoczni)
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Live From Gdańsk (Koncert w Stoczni) (pol. "Shipyard Concert", referring to Gdańsk Shipyard) is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, released in 2005, exclusively in Poland. It contains selected songs performed during Jarre's Space of Freedom concert in Gdańsk, Poland, on August 26, 2005, commemoraiting twenty-five years of the Solidarity movement.[1]

Jean Michel Jarre performed together with Polish Baltic Philharmonic and Gdańsk University Choir.

Apart from his own works, the album also features Jarre's electronic-style interpretation of Polish protest song "Mury", written by Jacek Kaczmarski in 1978, to the melody of "L'estaca" by Lluís Llach.

Cover art[edit]

Cover art features shipyard cranes in the foreground, then a photograph of Gdańsk Shipyard workers, and wooden tablets of 21 demands of MKS in the background.

Track listing[edit]

Note: Jean Michel Jarre has a long practice of changing the names of his songs when performing them live (see the list of Jean Michel Jarre compositions with multiple titles for details). In such case, original name is indicated below the new one.

  1. "Shipyard Overture" (originally "Industrial Revolution: Overture")8:06
  2. "Oxygene 2" (with a new flute intro titled "Suite for Flute")8:21
  3. "Chopin Memories" (new composition)1:03
  4. "Aero" 3:16
  5. "Oxygene 4" 3:47
  6. "Souvenir" (originally "Souvenir of China")5:37
  7. "Geometry of Love" 6:11
  8. "Equinoxe 4" 5:32
  9. "Space of Freedom" (originally "March 23") 4:53
  10. "Aerology" 3:05
  11. "Theremin Memories" 3:48
  12. "Chronology 2" 6:46

Disc 2[edit]

  1. "Mury" (lit. "Walls") (composed by Jacek Kaczmarski)5:38
  2. "Chronology 6" 5:54
  3. "Oxygene 8" 5:03
  4. "Light My Sky" (originally "Tout Est Bleu", new lyrics)4:24
  5. "Tribute to Pope John Paul II" (originally "Akropolis")6:52
  6. "Rendez-Vous 2" (version from the "Once upon a Time" performance, dedicated to Pope John Paul II)9:04
  7. "Summer-Presto" (from The Four Seasons, composed by Vivaldi)3:18
  8. "The Emigrant" (dedicated to Polonia)5:09
  9. "Oxygene 12" 6:03
  10. "Rendez-Vous 4" 6:20
  11. "Solidarność" (originally "Oxygène 13", dedicated to the workers at the shipyard)4:03
  12. "Aerology Remix" (encore)3:43


  • Jean Michel Jarre – keyboards, mixing desk, laser harp, theremin, vocals
  • Francis Rimbert – keyboards, electronic percussions
  • Claude Samard – keyboards, guitars, musical coordinator
  • Polish Baltic Philharmonic
  • Gdańsk University Choir
  • Michal Nesterowicz, conductor


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