Live from the Dark

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Live from the Dark
Live from the Dark DVD.jpg
Starring Europe
Distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment
Release dates November 18, 2005
Running time 240 min
Language English

Live from the Dark is a DVD released by the Swedish hard rock band Europe. The main feature is a concert filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, England on November 15, 2004.

A bonus disc with extra material is included, and there is a Special Edition version of this DVD which also contains the CD Start from the Dark.

Track listing - Disc 1[edit]

  1. "Got to Have Faith"
  2. "Ready or Not"
  3. "Superstitious"
  4. "America"
  5. "Wings of Tomorrow"
  6. "Let the Good Times Rock"
  7. "Animal Crossing" [keyboard solo] / "Seven Doors Hotel"
  8. "Hero"
  9. "Wake Up Call"
  10. "Sign of the Times"
  11. "Milano" [guitar solo] / "Girl from Lebanon"
  12. "Carrie" [acoustic version]
  13. "Flames"
  14. "Yesterday's News" [printed as "Yesterdaze News"]
  15. "Rock the Night"
  16. "Start from the Dark"
  17. "Cherokee"
  18. "The Final Countdown"

Bonus Features - Disc 2[edit]

  • Behind the Tour: Documentary about the tour.
  • Taxi Diaries: Interviews with all the band members.
  • On-stage Interviews: Interviews with the musicians about their instruments and equipment.
  • From the Soundcheck: "Spirit of the Underdog" and "Heart of Stone".
  • Music Videos: "Got to Have Faith" and "Hero".
  • Miscellaneous: Biography, discography and videography.