Live in Amsterdam (Janis Joplin album)

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Live in Amsterdam
Live album by Janis Joplin with her Kozmic Blues Band
Released 1974
Recorded 1969
Genre Rock, soul
Janis Joplin with her Kozmic Blues Band chronology
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Live in Amsterdam
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Live in Amsterdam is a live recording of a Janis Joplin concert with her Kozmic Blues Band. The album is notable for a unique performance of the Sam Andrew song Combination of The Two and Joplin's rendition with Snooki Flowers on the Otis Redding song Can't Turn You Loose.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Instrumental"   5:06
2. "Maybe"   4:08
3. "Summertime"   4:52
4. "Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)"   5:21
5. "Can't Turn You Loose" (by Otis Redding) 8:44
6. "Combination of the Two" (by Sam Andrew) 5:59
7. "Ball 'n' Chain"   6:41
8. "Piece of My Heart"   4:29