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University of Liverpool School of Dentistry
Main Dental School Building
Established 1861
Type Public Dental School
Dean Professor Callum Youngson
Location Liverpool, England, UK
53°24′32″N 2°58′02″W / 53.4088°N 2.9673°W / 53.4088; -2.9673Coordinates: 53°24′32″N 2°58′02″W / 53.4088°N 2.9673°W / 53.4088; -2.9673
Affiliations Dental Schools Council
University of Liverpool official logo

The School of Dentistry at the University of Liverpool is the university's dental school. The dental school is attached to an associated hospital, which contains more than 160 dental units, where students train on NHS patients under supervised practice from dentists.


Entrance to Liverpool Dental Hospital

The Liverpool School of Dentistry was founded in 1861, twenty years before the formation of the University of Liverpool in 1881. Originally called the Liverpool Dispensary for Diseases of the Teeth, it was operated by Captain W J Newman, who in his own private clinic devoted three mornings a week to treating patients for free. By 1863 his dental rooms at 82 Russell Street were renamed the Liverpool Dental Hospital. Gradually more dentists joined Newman, offering their service for free.[citation needed]

The school was recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons in 1876, and in 1880, with a growing number of dentists, patients and students, the hospital moved to 50 Mount Pleasant. This was the start of full-time students being taught at the hospital, which became associated with the University in 1899.[citation needed]

The Dental School and Hospital on Pembroke Place was opened on 19 March 1910 and was designed by architect G de C Fraser at a cost of £13,493. The hospital fully merged with the university when the Louis Cohen Chair in Dental Surgery was established in 1920. W H Gilmour, the third dean, obtained the first professorship in dentistry in the UK.[citation needed] Liverpool University founded a Chair in Dental Science in 1963.[1]

This school was later demolished to make way for the current dental school in 1969. Subsequently, the hospital has undergone a series of major refurbishments in order to modernise and upgrade the building. An Operative Techniques Suite was built in 2006. In 2008 the on site lecture theatres were refurbished and new education rooms built in an extension of the East side of the hospital. The most recent additions are a new sedation suite on the west side of the building with the addition of new research laboratories to replace the Edwards building and a complete refurbishment of the interior of the hospital.

The hospital currently accommodates approximately 150 dental chairs, within six teaching clinics for Restorative, Paediatric and Prosthetic Dentistry.[2]


The Liverpool Dental Programme is based on a Problem-based learning(PBL) system, where small groups of students are given a medical case, and through research are encouraged to learn about the causes and treatments for themselves.

The Dental School offers a five-year undergraduate course, and recently the number of dental students at the University has increased due to the introduction of a new graduate entry four-year course. Liverpool Dental School is a member of the Dental Schools Council.[3]

Museum of Dentistry[edit]

Display of Victorian Dental Practice in the VG&M

The Museum of Dentistry was started in 1880. The museum has amassed a collection of artifacts reflecting the changing world of dentistry up to the present day. Items in the collection include early documents such as apprentice indentures, research and teaching material connected with famous figures in the history of dentistry, as well as material of a more modern nature.[citation needed] A collection of early textbooks on dentistry, instruments and dental furniture are also included. Until recently these were are all housed in the Edwards Building, attached to the hospital; some have been moved to the recently-opened Victoria Museum located on the Liverpool Campus due to the planned demolition of the Edwards building.[4]


New extension of Dental Hospital containing sedation suite and research facilities

Dental research has always been an important part of the Liverpool Dental Hospital.[citation needed] The annual income for research at Liverpool Dental Hospital is achieved through a series of contracts and grants, including Medical Research Council and Wellcome grants.[2]

List of Deans[edit]

  • Captain W J Newman – Founder – Liverpool Dispensary for diseases of the teeth 1860 - 1888
  • R Edwards 1888-1898
  • W H Gilmour 1898-1935
  • H H Stones 1935-1957
  • F E Lawton 1957 – 1980
  • W M Oliver 1980 – 1986
  • W R Tyldsley 1986 – 1989
  • J Scott 1989 – 2001
  • G Embery 2001 – 2003
  • C M Pine CBE 2003 – 2008
  • C Youngson 2008 – Present


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