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Liverpool Students Union

Logo of the Liverpool John Moores Student Union

Logo of the Liverpool John Moores Student Union
Motto Fortune Assists the Bold
Institution Liverpool John Moores University
Established 1992 (Liverpool Students' Union)
President Curtis Reid
Other officers
  • Vacant
    Vice-President Academic Quality
  • Dan Cole
    Vice-President Community
  • Sam Davys
    Vice-President Activities
Members c. 24,000 total
Affiliations National Union of Students

Liverpool Students' Union (LiverpoolSU) is the representative body for all students studying at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in Liverpool, England; and is not to be confused with Liverpool Guild of Students, which is the students' union for the University of Liverpool; membership is automatic upon enrolment.

The union currently is currently representative of around 24,000 students studying at LJMU, located primarily in Liverpool. The current President is Curtis Reid who was elected for the 2013-2014 term.


Liverpool Students' Union was formerly known as Liverpool Polytechnic Students Union (LPSU) until the old Polytechnic was granted University Status in 1992, when it became Liverpool John Moores University and the Union became Liverpool Students' Union.


The student union currently has 5 membership grades:

  • Full Members - Students currently studying at Liverpool John Moores University and the Executive Student Officers.
  • Strategic Members - Trustees who are not full members, the Chief Executive and LiverpoolSU staff
  • Associate Members - Former full members who support the union and apply for life membership


LiverpoolSU operates at 3 sites across the University at the Byrom Street and IM Marsh Campuses and at The Haigh Building which is the main City Centre venue. The 'Haigh' is named after long serving Union secretary, Sheila Haigh who retired in 1983, the year the building opened. Within the Haigh can be found the Union's Executive and Management Office, the Marketing, Community and Venues Departments, Committee Rooms, Training Suite, Student Activities Centres, Cafe Drift and Scholars Bar. The Workbank- a recruitment office based since 2001

The Union also operates a Shop at the Byrom Street Campus and IM Marsh Campus.

Looprevil Press[edit]

The Looprevil Press is a student newspaper at Liverpool Students' Union. It is both a student society and a part of the student media. As of May 2009, The Looprevil Press has been funded by the Liverpool Students’ Union. Looprevil Press was founded in September 2008[1] by students Shamit Patel & Jess Green (a former Vice President) and is currently the only student newspaper in circulation in Liverpool.

The name, Looprevil Press, is simply Liverpool spelled backwards and plays in with their tag line of “Bringing you the other side of Liverpool”. This was done in an attempt to reflect the duality of student life, to show that they can be both professional and a little eccentric of nature.

Looprevil Press started out as a dynamic website which contains four sections; News, Opinion, Entertainment and Sports. The current team consists of 29 members and is made up of writers, photographers and a web designer. The website is active throughout the year while the print edition is circulated four times during the academic year.


LiverpoolSU's Constitution establishes the union and outlines the ways in which members can engage in the union, and the procedures the union undertake to make it better whilst remaining democratic. The constitution has been awarded the Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark for clarity in language.

The current constitution was adopted in 2012. It is approved by the LiverpoolSU Board of Trustees and regulated by the LJMU Board of Governor.


Employing around 30 full-time and 180 part-time staff the Union is governed by a Trustee Board, consisting of 4 full-time sabbatical students, 3 student Trustees and 3 external Trustees. There is a vacancy for one community external Trustee.

Executive student officers[edit]

The union is headed by an Executive Committee consisting of 4 student officers, who take a sabbatical year to work full-time for the union and to represent students at Liverpool John Moores University. They are responsible for the decision making and running of the union, however are answerable to the whole student body. Student officers release an accountability report each month which is released to the 3 union forums and debated by students. The President and 1 other officer serve as student governors on the LJMU Board of Governors.

As of 2012, these are the current student officers:

Student Office Incumbent
President of Liverpool Students' Union Curtis Reid
Vice-President (Academic Quality) Vacant
Vice-President (Community) Dan Cole
Vice President (Activities) Sam Davys

Board of Trustees[edit]

The Board of Trustees are responsible for overseeing the management and administration of the union, making the financial decisions, responding to student demands and ensuring activities are within union aims and remain within the law. The board meets twelve times each year and consists of 11 trustees: the 4 student officers, the chairs of Have Your Say and 4 community trustees. One student officer or forum chair is elected chairman of the board, and one community trustee is elected the vice-chair.

One behalf of the Board, the Chair and Vice-Chair appoint the union Chief Executive who is responsible for its functioning on a day-to-day basis alongside union staff.


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