Living Hell (The Outer Limits)

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"Living Hell"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 9
Directed by Graeme Campbell
Written by Pen Densham & Melinda Snodgrass
Production code 9
Original air date May 12, 1995
Guest actors

Sam Robards as Ben Kohler
Elizabeth Peña as Dr. Jennifer Martinez
Doug Abrahams as Foreman
Lesley Ewen as Nurse Sally Scofield
Kymberly Sheppard as Woman in Bath
Stephen Shellen as Wayne Haas
Don S. Davis as Detective

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Virtual Future"
Next →
"Corner of the Eye"
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"Living Hell" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It was first broadcast on 12 May 1995 during the first season.

Opening narration[edit]


Brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, Ben Kohler's only chance according to Dr. Jennifer Martinez, is her experimental brain–computer interface Cerebral Chip (the CCI2). Although the original CCI did not work as intended, it appears to work just as designed in Kohler. Unknown to the surgeons—as the operation is proceeding—a man with a long scar on his head suddenly grabs his head and collapses in pain.

A month later Kohler has recovered from surgery enough to go back home, where he experiences a horrible vision he believes too real to be just a delusion. In the vision, he is chasing a woman in the forest and reaches out to attack her. Later Kohler has another vision in which the woman from the forest is now dead; this time the actual killer speaks to Kohler, taunting him.

Kohler calls the police, and is transferred to detective Wilson who lets Kohler know such a murder has actually occurred. Kohler hangs up without giving his name when he realizes that the police will just convict him based on his knowledge of the crimes.

Kohler turns to Dr. Martinez, and witnesses another murder where the killer speaks to him. Dr. Martinez & Kohler realize that the CCI2 is communicating with a CCI chip from the first series of experimental surgeries. The killer is Wayne Haas—who was thought to be dead—and Kohler & Martinez go to his house hoping to stop him themselves (believing that the police will not help since they would not believe the crazy story). At Haas' house they find another body, and as Kohler collapses in another vision, Haas kidnaps Dr. Martinez.

The police storm Haas' house and arrest Kohler, after some interrogation it is discovered that hospital records show that Kohler could not be the killer, because he was in surgery and recovery for the first two killings. Another vision leads the police and Kohler to a low-rent motel. Kohler sacrifices himself to capture Haas and save Martinez.

Closing narration[edit]

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