Living for the Weekend (Hard-Fi song)

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"Living for the Weekend"
Single by Hard-Fi
from the album Stars of CCTV
Released 5 September 2005
Format CD single, Maxi CD, 7" single
Recorded Staines, 2004
Genre Indie rock
Length 3:42
Label Warner Music
Writer(s) Richard Archer
Producer(s) Wolsey White, Richard Archer
Hard-Fi singles chronology
"Hard to Beat"
"Living for the Weekend"
"Cash Machine" (re-release)

"Living for the Weekend" is the fourth single from English indie rock band Hard-Fi, from their debut album Stars of CCTV. It was released on 5 September 2005[1] and peaked at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart. "Living for the Weekend" was written by Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer and has been heavily featured in a Lifestyle Sports commercial in Ireland and a Carling commercial in the United Kingdom. It has also been featured on the Winter Olympics Special of BBC's Top Gear and in the CSI episode "Time of Your Death". The single cover does not bear the "Parental Advisory" sticker in spite of the lyrics: "Oh shit!" about halfway through the song.

The Sugababes also covered this song, which appeared on their single "Follow Me Home" as well as the Radio 1's Live Lounge compilation.


"Living for the Weekend" began as a demo with Archer's previous band "Contempo" before they had split up. At this time, Hard-Fi drummer Steve Kemp was drumming for the Contempo. Contempo apparently played the song a couple of times in Portsmouth before it was re-recorded with Hard-Fi. The song is a typical Hard-Fi song lyrically, about having no money, a dead end job and, as the song title suggests, just living for the weekend. It addresses what stresses of work and other issues in Staines such as having counterfeit clothes (Archer has addressed the sale of fake Burberry various times in interviews). Talking about the song, Archer said, "It's a song about when you've been working all week, for me and my friends that would probably be in a job you don't like or enjoy doing, and it gets to Friday and all of that frustration you've been through all week is released. The money you've earned you spend it to get rid of all that stress, you let your hair down, your life's your own again, you're free. Everyone knows what that's like. You get out there and you see your friends again. It's like you've been released. And are you working to live or living to work?"[2]

Music video[edit]

The video was filmed in Brentford on 1 August 2005 and was directed by Scott Lyon. It features Hard-Fi performing on top of a building during the day as well as scenes of people walking around the streets and suburbs of Brentford. Towards the end of the song, night falls and a large group of youths can be seen approaching a train station and then at a party. The 1000 Great West End Building can be seen in the video.

Use in the media[edit]

The song became one of the bands anthems being used in the media quite frequently from TV Series adverts to, quite appropriately, the Weekender Show on XFM. It was also used on a highlight video for the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix on the official Formula 1 website.

Despite the lack of radio airplay in Australia, it was used during the Seven Network's coverage of the 2009 Australian Open to promote Rafael Nadal's match against Tommy Haas. Quite appropriately, the match was played on a Saturday. It was also used on the sports news show Sports Tonight on Network Ten.

Track listings[edit]



  1. "Living for the Weekend" (Radio Edit)
  2. "Unnecessary Trouble" (Live)

Maxi CD[edit]


  1. "Living for the Weekend" (Radio Edit)
  2. "Peaches" (Radio 1 Live Version)
  3. "Hard to Beat" (Axwell Mix)
  4. "Living for the Weekend" (Video)


  1. "Living for the Weekend"
  2. "Living for the Weekend" (Dub)


"Living for the Weekend" has been listed for 6 weeks on the UK Singles Chart. It entered the UK singles chart at #15 and the UK download chart at #27 on 27 September 2005.

Chart (2005) Peak
UK Singles Chart[3] 15
UK Download Chart 27

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