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This article is about the Jethro Tull song. For other songs with the same title, see Living in the Past.
"Living in the Past"
Single by Jethro Tull
B-side "Driving Song"
Released 25 April 1969
Recorded 17 February 1969
Genre Progressive rock
Length 3:18
Label Island Records
Writer(s) Ian Anderson
Producer(s) Ian Anderson and Terry Ellis
Jethro Tull singles chronology
"Love Story"
"Living in the Past"
"Sweet Dream"

"Living in the Past" is the title of one of British progressive rock group Jethro Tull's best-known songs. It is notable for being written in the unusual 5/4 time signature. The 5/4 time signature is quickly noted from the beginning rhythmic bass pattern.

The song was originally recorded during sessions for Jethro Tull's 1969 album Stand Up, but not included on the album, and released in the same year as a stand-alone single. However, it became more popular after its 1972 release on Jethro Tull's compilation album, also called Living in the Past. After its release on the album, it became the band's first Top 20 hit in the US, peaking at #11. The song was restored as a "bonus track" for the 2001 CD reissue of Stand Up (1969).

Release history[edit]

  • Single: "Living in the Past" / "Driving Song" (Island WIP 6056, 25 April 1969)
  • Single: "Living in the Past" / "Christmas Song" (Australia) (Reprise R 3578 December 1972)
  • Single: "Living in the Past" / "Requiem" (Chrysalis CHS 2081, 16 January 1976)
  • Single: "Living in the Past" / "Hard Liner" (Chrysalis CHS 3970, 1993)
  • Single: "Living in the Past" / "Witch's Promise" / "Teacher" / "Life is a Long Song" (April 2013, limited edition vinyl)[1]


Cover versions[edit]

The song has been first covered as an instrumental by CCS in 1970. Other cover versions include: [2]

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