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For a wall designed to grow plants, see Green wall.
Living Wall
Živi zid
Ideology Left-wing populism,[1] Anti-evictions[1]
Political position Left-wing
Colours Yellow and black
Hrvatski sabor
0 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 11
Politics of Croatia
Political parties

Living Wall (Croatian: Živi zid) is a left-wing populist political party in Croatia, formed out of an anti-eviction group of the same name.[1] The group fights forclosuers by occupying property, and forming a "living wall" as alluded to by the name.


The organization formed into a party ahead of the 2014–15 presidential election, supporting the canidacy of Ivan Vilibor Sinčić.

Popular support and electoral results[edit]

Presidential elections[edit]

Presidency of Croatia
Election year Candidate First Round Second Round
# of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
# of
overall votes
 % of
overall vote
2014–15 Ivan Vilibor Sinčić 293,570 16.4

Hrvatski sabor[edit]

The party intends to contest the next parlaimentary election using the public funds they secured with Sinčić's performance in the presidential election.[1]

European Parliament[edit]


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